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Jonas At the Clairemont Markit Jam

Brian | 11.11.13

Jonas Brakeless Fufanu

Mike Jonas was on hand at the Clairemont Markit jam a couple weeks back to shred the park and hang with the rest of the Markit dudes.  Joey Cobbs caught Mike doing these crazy brakeless fufanu and abubacas on the sub rail and posted them up on the Demolition Parts blog, where we stole them from.  Check out Vicente photo bombing the shot after the jump, haha. more

Poster Dissection: Mike Jonas

Brian | 10.25.13


With the Markit DVD now out and already blowing minds I figured it was a good time to get this cool pic of Mike out there.  Mike’s part in Markit Zero is absolutely insane and if you like crazy action and nollie tricks, you definitely don’t want to miss his part.  Shoe-bubaca above is from the last Markit filming trip in Barcelona. Click pic to go BIG.  Pic by J.Cobbs

Jonas In Markit Zero Promo.

Mastroni | 10.3.13

Jonas coming thru with some amazing clips (which are actually just his leftovers) in this Markit Zero promo that just dropped today. In case you live under a rock, the video will be premiering at Texas Toast as well as October 26t at the Mission Valley YMCA skatepark in San Diego with hard copies available at both premieres. It will be available for download on iTunes on November 1st…don’t miss it!

Jonas Photo.

Mastroni | 07.16.13


Jonas is back on the whip after a pretty crazy foot injury during Markit‘s last filming trip to Barcelona. It seriously could have been so much worse, but luckily Jonas got away with only a month or so off the horse. Here’s a quick 180 bar at Dennis’ backyard ramps…from flat of course. Joey Cobbs Photo LLC.

Jonas’ Cobbfanu

Brian | 07.15.13


The other day, Mike Jonas came out to one of our ol’ man sessions (Joey Cobbs, Keith Treanor and myself) around the SD area. He had these rad brakeless fufanus on the big quarter at Area 43 on lock, so I had to grab the GoPro to document em’. Look at Cobbs giving the thumbs-up in the background.  Click image to go BIG!

This TIme Last Year

Brian | 06.30.13

This time last year, Mike Jonas showed us how to surf down a rail…

“A surfer is when you’re riding with your feet on your seat and/or topube. Alone it’s not much of a trick, but surfers can become gnarly and stylish when you’re doing variations and taking them to the fullest. Here’s a few surfers do’s and don’ts to get started.”
-Mike Jonas

Bonus Jonas.

Mastroni | 02.25.13

Jonas absolutely hates that nickname, but shit it actually applies this time so we’re rollin with it, lol sorry bud! This photo by Joey Cobbs was taken on the Volume California Trip at the same spot in the Bay area where Drew Hoss does the fakie crook on the pole. Unfortunately this clip of Jonas didn’t come out exactly how I wanted and got left on the cutting room floor so to speak….but hey there’s no reason the photo shouldn’t get some love! Ever shoe-ba-ca wizzard, Mike decided to go the more traditional route this time by using his front tire and this skinny little support rail.