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Gordy’s Holiday Jam-Boree

Brian | 11.28.12

If you’re in the area be sure to check out the Holiday Jam-Boree at Gordy’s Bicycles this Saturday for a chance to ride with Volume riders Broc Raiford, Billy Perry, Matt Cordova, Victor Galindo, Drew Hossleton, and Eric Bahlman! There’s also gonna be a bunny hop contest and tons of giveaways. Be there!

Matt Cordova Pic of the Day

Brian | 11.17.12

Always stoked to go out with Matt to see what he has up his sleeve.  Not only does Matt have mad style, he’s got a bag of tricks that always seems to surprise me whenever I see him shred. Check the height on this classic x-up one footer overlooking the California Wetlands.

We Grammin’

Mastroni | 09.14.12

In an effort to add some more personality to our already heavily updated Instagram page, I decided to give out the password to the majority of our riders on the A and B squad who participate in this whole instant life documenting/filtering thing we are all doing with our lives. Follow us on if you don’t already @volumebikes, now enhanced with updates from the likes of Jason Enns, Broc Raiford, Alex Raban, Tate Roskelley, Lil D, Matty Long, Matt Cordova, and Mike Jonas…as well as the current steady stream from Brian and Myself.

Matt Cordova Style

Brian | 09.1.12

I don’t think I’ve seen any pics of Matt that aren’t stylish or of him not rocking his Oakley’s.  This shot is kinda old but still stands the test of time.  Shot by Fat Tony at Mike Lakin’s during the Thomas Hancock benefit jam. Click more to see the whole ad. more

5 Songs With Matt Cordova.

Mastroni | 08.15.12

Volume Bikes: 5 Songs With Matt Cordova. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Our So-Cal style cat and all around shredder, Matt Cordova walks you through some of his favorite tunes while flying around Woodward West for this installment of our ‘5 Songs’ video series. Filming with Matt was a treat because he’s super dialed at everything he does….in fact I don’t think anything in here took him more than a couple tries max. Check it.

Matt Cordova Update.

Mastroni | 06.17.12

Just got this update in from Matt regarding how he’s spending his summer out east:

“I’ve been out in West Virginia for the past month and a half building Bmx tracks and dirt jumps for the Boy Scouts of America. So far we’ve built 4 tracks this first trip. We just finished the last track and now we get a 2 week break. I’m heading to Colorado to visit my parents for a week. Then back to California for the remainder of our break until we come back out to WV to build 12 more tracks.” -MC

Pretty cool that Matt has got himself involved in something like that, rad stuff. Check out another snap below..

Cordova Gets Twisted

Brian | 04.30.12

I’m blown away anytime I see anything of Matt, he has one of the best styles I’ve seen in a very long time and he blasts the hell out of everything.  The pic above is of Matt doing a twisted up nac-nac… his bike is almost 180’d!  Photo by: Kalin Law