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Cordova Gallery

Brian | 05.23.14

I’ve been getting up pics here and there from this day (pics above) at the FOD trails and the bowl with Matt Cordova but just realized I’m sitting on too many amazing shots, and that I should put them all up at once before they get any older than they already are.  If you haven’t noticed, Matt is a photographers dream.  He does things so dialed, smooth and stylish that you just can’t miss getting the shots.  That and he doesn’t mind doing anything again.  Click the top image to view em’ all.

Matt’s Fence Hop Wallpaper

Brian | 02.19.14

Codova Fence Hop

The guys took a trip up to Utah and Idaho last year and took along photographer, Devin Feil to document most of their journey.  Matt went along and got some street stuff on the trip with Devin, which is always cool to see Matt ride street since we’re all used to him airing the hell out of a dirt jump or park.  Last I heard Matt was working on a street edit.  Can’t wait to see that one; fast, big and style for miles.  Click image to go big!

Wallpaper: Matt Cordova

Brian | 12.20.13

Matt once again blesses your desktop with this absolutely insane invert air. I originally saw this ramp on Keith Treanor’s Instagram and finally got a chance to go there with Matt and Broc. Leave it to Matt to pump the hell out of this 7′ mini and go 8′ plus on these inverts. Click to go BIG or right click to save to your desktop.

Texas Toast 2013 Coverage Round 1.

Mastroni | 10.20.13

Texas Toast – Day 1 Video – More BMX Videos

No doubt there will be a shit ton more videos from street finals and so-fourth today but here’s the best of the web so far from various BMX media websites featuring our boys Broc Raiford, Matt Cordova, Alex Raban, Eric Bahlman, and Drew Hoss. First up is Vital‘s video by Zach Krejmas featuring Broc, Bahlman, and Matt C on the trails. Click below for more… more

Salt Lake To Idaho. #slc2idaho

Mastroni | 09.23.13


On the road again. This time we’ve rounded up the likes of Alex Raban, Broc Raiford, Alex Platt, Matt Cordova, and of course Tate Roskelley for a little visit to Lake City and two days up in Idaho Falls, ID…hence the 2…so clever I know. Our good buddy Devin Feil is along for the ride on the photo front, so this should be a great trip! Be sure to follow along with our travels on Instagram at #slc2idaho.

Matt Cordova Gets Dirty

Brian | 08.23.13


You might have seen a couple of our posts on our Instagram of Matt Cordova doing his usual crazy action on dirt. Nothing beats going out to shoot and having someone just knock out back to back tricks, it just makes a photographers job that much easier. Granted dirt is a bit easier than going to street spots but Matt always makes it easier cause every damn trick he does is 100% usable and stylish. I ended up getting a solid handful of pics but didn’t know if I wanted to blow em’ all on a flipbook or a couple here and there on posts… Click image to go big or right click to save.

Infantry Complete Bike Promo

Brian | 08.21.13

The 2014 Infantry Complete Bikes are now available and we’re confident that this bike is one of the best complete bikes on the market. To show you just how confident we are about the Infantry, we got Broc Raiford, Drew Hosselton, Matt Cordova, and Daniel Martinez to put these bikes to the test for this promo. As you can see, the guys didn’t hold back one bit. The Infantry is 100% rider designed, rider tested, and rider approved. Contact your local bike shop or favorite mail order to pick up an Infantry bike or any of the other 2014 Volume Complete Bikes.