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Mastroni’s Back

Brian | 12.3.11

Mike Mastroni has been out of commission for a few months due to a recent ACL surgery. He is starting to ride again and is currently starting to film a new Volume video. Yesterday and last nigh he went out and got a couple clips for it so be on the look out soon. Check some photos after the jump. more

Mastroni OSS

Brian | 02.11.11

This is the first video that got me really into Mastroni’s riding. Really reminded me a lot of how Tate rides. Real original and has super good style. Good work Mike!


Brian | 02.4.11

We got a new generator setup the other day, so we had to immediately put it to use. We got a crew together the other night and went up to the wall of life so Alfredo could put down some moves. Check the photo’s after the jump. more

Mastroni’s First

Brian | 12.29.10

Mike Mastroni just got on the team a month ago and already came out with this amazing edit. I’m always a fan of riding that doesn’t look like anyone else’s out there. Mastroni definitely sees things in his own way and is always refreshing to see firsthand.

Matty & Mastroni Throwback Video

Brian | 12.23.10

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. Matty Long and Mike Mastroni have been good friends for awhile. Matty has been with the team for just over a year and Mike recently joined the team. Here’s a split edit that they put together 2 years ago. It has a lot of really really good clips including, Matty’s infamous Luc-E hard 180.

Mastroni Check

Brian | 12.13.10

Last week Mike Mastroni came over to pick up his new Drifter frame. I’ve never seen Mike happier. Last I heard is that Mr Long and Mastroni will be getting out a new edit soon.  Check out a bigger pic of Mike’s ride after the jump. more