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Party of Five

Brian | 01.25.13

Rooftop does these awesome spliced pics of the guys he rides with and kinda stole his idea. If anyone follows him on Instagram, you’ll see some amazing pics that he does on the spot with his GoPro and remote. While riding the other day with the guys, I had the idea to do it on this perfect setup with (From L to R) Alex Platt, Alex Raban, Mike Mastroni, Drew Hosselton and Lucas Dartford (and where’s Waldo?). I haven’t gotten that excited to rush home to get on the computer to see a picture came out in a long time. As soon as I finished with the photo, I just stared at it. Hope you guys like it as much as I do. Thanks again to Roofop for the inspiration! Click pic to go BIG!

Lucas Dartford Team Page.

Mastroni | 12.18.12

If you follow the site (as you should….daily….multiple times) you’ll surely already know that we’ve been hooking up Lucas Dartford out in Austin Texas on a grassroots type level for a good while now. We figured it was about time to get him on board with an official B-Team spot. Lucas is a really talented young whipper-snapper and can ride motorcycles and truck into big banks with the best of ’em. Check out his team page Q&A here, and be on the lookout for a full official welcome edit by Charlie Crumlish coming soon. Shouts to Levi Brewer for the photos. Bang Bang.

Lucas Dartford Update.

Mastroni | 08.17.12

My good friend and photographer Levi Brewer sent thru some photos he got with our grassroots rider Lucas Dartford, down in good ol’ Austin, Texas. Check out more photos after the jump..

“Hey guys,
Lately I’ve just been kickin’ back and trying to survive that Texas heat. I swim all day and ride all night. I’ve been filming here and there…cookin’ something up right now and should be out in a couple of weeks.”