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Short and Sweet With Daniel Martinez

Brian | 12.19.14

Daniel Martiniez footage always gets me stoked to ride, due to his smooth style and making crazy shit look easy. This quick new edit of D is just that, take a look.

“ShorT & SweeT – can be a quick video from one person,a group of people or just background funny shit that happens when im out with people. I will be dropping some more ShorT & SweeT videos throughout the year featuring alot of different riders!”

Lil D Downside Whip Throwback.

Mastroni | 07.31.14

Here’s a good TBT for you featuring this dope photo of D that never found a home. This was shot way back in November of 2012 up in San Jose on the Volume In California trip. Right after D and Bahlman filmed some shit on this grate, Tate practically fell thru it trying to footplant bar in….at which point we just gave up and continued down the ditch. Photo by Joey Cobbs.

Calling The Shots with Lil D.

Mastroni | 10.10.13

Lil D and his right hand man Jeff Cadger hanging out at a lil ledge in LA. Lil Cadger had a lil knee surgery so it’s gonna be a lil while before he can ride his lil bike again, so he called out all the moves for Lil D instead. Lil D has since grown a lil facial hair and lost a lil weight since he’s got a lil metal in his grill and can only eat a lil amount of food….haha I could go on for days! Here’s your classic D shit…making everything look buttery smooth.

Lil D TCU Edit.

Mastroni | 01.23.13

Lil D and filmer John Hicks really went in for this edit. Featuring lots of LA schoolyards and ballsy one hitters alike, and of course D’s seemingly flawless clean riding style throughout. It seems like every time I see D ride he’s just that much more dialed and aesthetically pleasing on his bike. Personal favorite clip in here was the un-luce to manual 180…or perhaps the little kid and his parents looking on as D shoots the bars thru that water fountain haha. Shoutout to The Come Up.

Volume In California Trip Edit.

Mastroni | 01.1.13

Volume Bikes: Volume In California Trip. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

To kick off the new year right we decided drop some heat on ya from damn near the entire team! Back in November we loaded the van to the brim, stuffed our belongings in the U-Haul and headed North in search of some of of the best spots in California. Stops include Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Nipomo, San Luis Obispo, Fresno, San Jose, and San Fransisco…as well as some home turf gems in the mix. With the exception of SF, you could say we weren’t exactly staying on the beatin’ path…and that’s exactly how we like it. I’m really excited about how this came together, so grab a cup of your best hangover remedy, kick that now lesser attractive girl out of your bed, and go ride your bike. Happy 2013 Everyone!

Featuring Drew Hosselton, Alex Raban, Jason Enns, Broc Raiford, Lil D, Tate Roskelley, Mike Mastroni, Mike Jonas, & Eric Bahlman.

Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni

The Old Haunts – “Knives On The Mind”
Jim Jones Ft. T.I. & Bun B – “End Of The Road”

Volume In California: Day 7

Mastroni | 11.22.12

We started out the session at this sketchy and slippery grate bank down along the bike path in San Jose for a clip that Tate had mind. D and Bahlman were also feeling the setup and walked with a downside whip, the above 180 on to fakie bar, and all their fingers still in tact. Tate on the other hand was not so lucky…in the process of trying his line which ended in a Roskelley signature footplant bar into the bank, the top right pannel somehow detached itselt and fell thru, along with Tate, leaving him with a bruised hip and a pretty gnarly hit to the funny-bone.

Volume In California: Day 6.

Mastroni | 11.19.12

Day 6 started out with a nice warm sunny morning cruising around the streets of Joey’s town of residence, San Jose. We were kind of in a squeeze for time because we had a shop stop later in the day, but that didn’t stop Broc and D from taking advantage of some gems real quick. Here’s Broc above eying up a bar over the rail from ledge to ledge…

Volume In California: Day 3.

Mastroni | 11.12.12

Day 3 started off picking up the other half of the crew at their hotel in Santa Maria. Raban pulled up in his swagon wagon with a lit fire cracker which he then threw out the window directly into Bahlman’s hoody. All I heard was Raban say “oh no!….” right before it exploded bloodying his neck and blowing a pretty sizable hole in his sweatshirt.

Volume In California: Day 2.

Mastroni | 11.11.12

We started off day two at quite possibly the funnest “warm up” spot to ever exist, known as The Rec in the heart of Nipomo, CA. This ghetto ramp paradise provided us with a great team session and even a couple insane clips courtesy of Jonas, Tate, and Broc to start the day off right. Keep an eye out for a flipbook from this spot soon, and in the meantime check out the rest of our day below…

Volume In California Trip: Day 0 & 1.

Mastroni | 11.10.12

And here we are! Yesterday kicked off the first official day of our Volume In California trip consisting of Jason Enns, Broc Raiford, Drew Hosselton, Tate Roskelley, Lil D, Alex Raban, Eric Bahlman, Mike Jonas, Joey Cobbs, and Myself. I can’t tell you how psyched I am to finally have the entire team in one place hanging out & filming together for a Volume video…we’ve been having nothing but great times so far! Check out our daily shenanigans below and follow along on instagram with #volumeincalifornia.