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History: Sean Yarroll

Brian | 03.13.13

Sean Yarroll was one of the very first Volume riders that we had 14 years ago.  A true SD rider that always had a very distinct style to his riding.  Some would call his style “mad” or similar to Keith Treanor, just remember him going big and doing shit with force.  Amazing to watch! Sean is still riding 14 years later and is still ripping it up in SD.  Kalin Law and Sean went out and shot a couple cool new pics the other day and sent them over for me to check out.  Couldn’t resist but to share them with you too.  Click more to see more. Enjoy! more

Cordova Gets Twisted

Brian | 04.30.12

I’m blown away anytime I see anything of Matt, he has one of the best styles I’ve seen in a very long time and he blasts the hell out of everything.  The pic above is of Matt doing a twisted up nac-nac… his bike is almost 180’d!  Photo by: Kalin Law