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Jason, Raban, & Mastroni In Jeff Z’s “Top 10 Photos Of 2014.”

Mastroni | 01.2.15

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 8.56.50 PM
Ride just posted BMX photography god Jeff Z’s top 10 photos of 2014, and wouldn’t ya know it, us Volume guys scored 3 out of the 10 with Jason, Raban, and Myself all included. Thanks Jeff, it’s an honor! Hit the link for the rest, here’s Jason with quite possibly the best X-up version of himself (Canadian) ever captured.

Volume In Ride Issue 200

Brian | 06.4.14

Mastroni Ride 200
We just scoped out the new RIDEbmx issue 200 and saw that it has a slew of crazy photos of Volume riders in it. It’s a badass issue with a ton of good photos and interviews too.  Be sure to check it out at your local bmx dealer, Barnes And Noble or wherever else you buy mags.  TM and creative rider extraordinaire with an insane roller coaster chainjam photo by Jeff Zielinski

Brian | 03.20.14

Mastroni ledge tree hop

Jeff Z is always updating his photo site with new pics from his archives.  He just added a couple dope ones of Mastroni and Drew.  This one above of Mike was in a couple issues back of RIDEbmx doing a ledge ride to hop w/ steez through the tree.  All while Devin Feil looks on from above in the UC San Diego banner.  Check out the rest HERE >

Jeff Z’s New Photo Website.

Mastroni | 03.7.13

Everyone’s favorite vegan photographer and Long Beach resident has a brand new photo website up featuring photos of Volume heads Tate, Broc, Drew, and Myself…as well as dozens of other amazing photos of all the riders and lifestyle shots he’s captured over the years. This classic photo of Tate also happens to be his very first photo in Ride! You can seriously spend at least 10 minutes scrolling on this thing, check it out!

Weekends With Platt.

Mastroni | 03.4.13

From virgin spots and de-knobbed rails, to wooden kickers and pedaling around aimlessly with Jeff Z…Alex and I had a great productive couple days working on his welcome to Volume edit. Check out some random iPhone-ography from our weekend below.. more