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Shop Stops This Weekend

Kevin | 08.13.15

Don’t forget tomorrow and Sunday that we’ll be stopping by Don’s Bicycles (Rialto) and Menifee Bicycles, respectively. Both shop stops start at 3:30 both days. So get there and come to ride, hang out, get free stuff, and have a good time with us, the hosting shops and Volume riders. Check the flyer for the rest of the stops at Epic BMX and East County BMX to follow.

Menifee Anniversary Jam

Brian | 12.8.14

Menifee Bicycles had their 2nd annual anniversary jam this weekend and it didn’t disappoint. They were kind enough to have some us out to shred, hang out and have a great time celebrating with the all the shop employees. They had live music, amazing food from local restaurants, Red Bull girls and even jumpers for the little ones. All in all it was a great time and will definitely plan on attending next year.  Check out our guys after the jump at the jam. more

Halloween Jam

Kevin | 10.30.14

Halloween Jam small

This Saturday at the Mathis Brothers Skate Park in Edmond, OK some good people are throwing a really awesome jam. We sent out some promo for the jam and they’ve got a few different opportunities to ride and win free stuff. If you’re in the area, make sure you make it. Click the image for more details.

Broc’s Frame Release Party Recap

Brian | 03.31.14

Broc’s frame release party at the OSS store in downtown Los Angeles went awesome and couldn’t have asked for a better turnout.  Everyone that rode got involved in the product giveaway in one way or another and definitely saw some rad stuff go down on the OSS grind box and the bike long jump.  Huge thanks again to the guys at the OSS store, Jarritos, Odyssey for hooking up giveaways and to all those that showed up to celebrate Broc’s new Vessel frame release.  Click the top image to view the images of the days events.

Platt, Victor, Tate, & Raban @ The Wreck Jam Quick Video.

Mastroni | 02.16.13

Volume Bikes: Volume & Friends @ The Wreck Jam from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Last week an injured Alex Raban dressed up in his Sunday best (a gold Dodge Caravan rim medallion) to host the first ever jam at The Wreck DIY spot in Nipomo, CA. Many slices were consumed courtesy of Raban’s Dad’s pizza shop, many Volume prizes were thrown out, and good times were had by all. I love filming at things like this because everything for the most part is super in the moment…sometimes perfect, sometimes real loose, but hey it’s raw BMX at it’s finest…so I decided to take a similar approach to the editing process as well. Here’s a quick half hour in Final Cut featuring Volume heads Victor Glindo, Tate Roskelley, Alex Platt, our good buddy Shawn “Elf” Walters, my dog, & last (and most certainly least) a hot ass channel 12 news reporter, all doing their thang up in the central coast. Enjoy.

Weekend @ The Wreck Edit

Brian | 02.13.13

You might have seen Mike’s last Wreck post and the edit just went live. You can check out Platt, Victor shreddin’ and Raban on the mic. How good is it that Raban wore his “bling” during his local Fox news interview, gotta love Raban.

All Day BMX Street Jam…

Kevin | 02.8.13

Time has finally come back around for All Day BMX Shop’s Annual Street Jam this weekend. They are in Mexicali, MX and always throw a good time with their street jams. This year it’s expanding even more with the addition of some made ramps, etc. to throw in with the street mix. Plus Volume riders Tate Roskelley and Mike Jonas will be in attendance with a host of other big BMX names. Check the flyer after the jump for details and make sure you’re there if you’ll be in the area…. more

Volume In Arizona: Day 1.

Mastroni | 12.3.12

It’s Monday Monday Monday and that means that we get to start dropping some daily updates on you for the duration of your work/school week showcasing our time out here in Arizona. Drew Hoss hit me up a little while ago about Gordy’s Bike Shop‘s big annual jam on December 1st, so I decided wrangle up the likes of Broc Raiford, Billy Perry, Matt Cordova, and Victor Galindo(g), to make the trek out into the desert to meet up with Drew and Eric Bahlman for a little last minute filming trip based around the Jam. After a long night of driving and surviving we made it to the shop for Saturday morning. Check out mucho photos courtesy of Erik Hilburn aka “Evil Joey” below, but not before giving Cordova’s nac nac seat grab above a second or third look….how does that even make sense!?