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Matt’s Fence Hop Wallpaper

Brian | 02.19.14

Codova Fence Hop

The guys took a trip up to Utah and Idaho last year and took along photographer, Devin Feil to document most of their journey.  Matt went along and got some street stuff on the trip with Devin, which is always cool to see Matt ride street since we’re all used to him airing the hell out of a dirt jump or park.  Last I heard Matt was working on a street edit.  Can’t wait to see that one; fast, big and style for miles.  Click image to go big!

Salt Lake To Idaho. #slc2idaho

Mastroni | 09.23.13


On the road again. This time we’ve rounded up the likes of Alex Raban, Broc Raiford, Alex Platt, Matt Cordova, and of course Tate Roskelley for a little visit to Lake City and two days up in Idaho Falls, ID…hence the 2…so clever I know. Our good buddy Devin Feil is along for the ride on the photo front, so this should be a great trip! Be sure to follow along with our travels on Instagram at #slc2idaho.

Utah & Idaho Trip Day 2: Pocatello, Idaho

Mastroni | 09.9.12

Have you ever heard of Pocatello? Yeah, me neither….but for some reason we thought it would be a great idea to make the trek a couple hours north to check out what this little town with a funny name had to offer. The above rock spot you may recognize from Tate’s first Volume Edit at about :40 seconds where he does the can can footplant. Check out more of our Pocatello party after the jump..

Utah & Idaho Trip Day 1.

Mastroni | 09.7.12

Fresh off the Tea & Biscuits UK Tour (and still feeling the jet lag) I decided to head out to Salt Lake City to do some filming with Tate for his upcoming Drifter V2 Promo. I brought along Biz Jordan, Devin Feil, and flew in fellow Volume rider Broc Raiford to join in on the fun for the first leg of his west coast travels. Check out our day of shredding playgrounds and hanging out with Utah’s finest after the jump…