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Eric and Drew’s Dam Adventure

Brian | 06.20.13


Spencer Lee sent me a bunch of sick photos of Drew and Eric riding an amazing dam not too long ago.  We had so many great pics, we had to make a flipbook of their big adventure.  Drew also wrote a short story about the adventure and what they went through to find the dam in the AZ heat.  Huge thanks to Spenser Lee and Lear Miller for the photos. Click HERE to view the flipbook.


Volume @ Texas Toast Flipbook.

Mastroni | 10.19.12

Texas Toast is just about the coolest BMX contest to ever exist in my book, and I’m super stoked that we were able to be a part of the action this year with Broc Raiford, Mike Jonas, and Drew Hosselton out in full effect. Click here to check out the good times. Thanks to Joey Cobbs and Fat Tony for hooking it up!

Sledgehammer ID

Brian | 09.26.11

The other day Matt (Lee) went out to Riverside to ride/ shoot with Mike Lakin. Matt also brought over the new Sledgehammer to see if Mike would be able to do anything on it. To Matt’s surprise, Mike is a natural on the 26″ as well as his BMX. Matt came back with so many great shots, we decided to do a lil’ flipbook of all the great pics. Check it out HERE.

Jump Jump

Brian | 05.24.11

You might have noticed this sequence of Enns last week on his ID but just in case you didn’t, I thought I’d blow it up for ya’.  Too funny!

Enns X Destroyer ID Flipbook

Brian | 05.16.11

There’s a lot that can be said for a rider that sticks with the same company for 11 years. Enns has seen the ups and downs of being a pro rider and being sponsored by the same company for a decade. To commemorate his time with us, we now have in stock his all new limited edition Destroyer frame. Each one is signed and numbered by Enns! For his all new ID Flipbook, he talks about the new frame and everything else he’s been up to. The flip-book pics are from the beginnings of riding for us, back in 1999 till now.  Some of the newest pics definitely show that Enns is still killing it.  Last we shot, I didn’t see any signs of J slowing down anytime soon.  He’s actually getting better and progressing still like crazy.  Click HERE for his ID flip-book.

Ask Enns

Brian | 05.11.11

Jason Enns’ all new Destroyer frame is about to drop! We should have em’ in stock within a week. We’ll have a flipbook I.D. up later this week also. Any of you guys have any questions you want Enns to answer for his I.D. interview? Hit us up in the comments.

Connor Lodes ID

Brian | 02.16.11

You’ve might have heard or even seen pics of Connor ride but nothing is like watching him in person.  During this shoot I was seriously floored on how good he’s gotten over the years of knowing him.  He’s got big tricks, style and tech tricks down.  Joey (Cobbs) and myself shot the pics/ interviewed him this last month.  We both got a ton of good pics in such a short amount of time, that’s a photographers dream.  Check out the full flipbook ID HERE.