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Tate’s Chain So Icy….

Mastroni | 08.7.13


When Tate isn’t reenacting Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and/or violating fruit for Instagram, he can be found studying any concrete setup with a chain on or near it, trying to figure out any possible way to make it grind. This time around it looks like he succeeded. Word on the street is that Tate is working on an OSS edit with Elf, so my guess is that you’ll get to see this clip along with Tate’s Dropout Grind Gif when that video comes out. Click below another angle and more shenanigans. Shout out to Austin Boyd for the snaps!… more

Drew Hosselton France Update.

Mastroni | 07.25.12

Drew just sent thru another little mini-update from his travels around Europe, this time from Strasbourg, France accompanied with a fakie ice photo on what looks like one of the best ledge spots the city has to offer…

“We have been working our way through France, we just left Paris yesterday and today we are in Strasbourg. Arnaud Wolff and his family are putting us up for a few nights and have been amazingly hospitable, so huge shout out to them. Strasbourg seems to be northern Europe’s best kept secret because there are crazy good spots all over the city.”
-Drew Hoss