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Ghost Town Fools Trip: Day 4.

Mastroni | 05.31.13


When we all managed to actually wake up and pull it together, day 4 started off nicely with big breakfast and some balcony relaxation at our haunted hotel. Broc stepped out of the van with a jug of pee asking if we wanted some lemonade, and then conquered his fear of ghosts for a second and finally came upstairs for some food….we’re all so proud of him. From there some of the crew went out and pedaled around Bisbee in search of spots for the day, and we ended up finding this crazy tunnel setup with a near impossible uphill runway… more

Ghost Town Fools Trip: Day 3.

Mastroni | 05.29.13


Where the hell do I even start? We are having entirety too much fun on this trip! From visiting the most interesting abandoned buildings, to hiking up mountains in the middle of nowhere, to mobbing thru rivers in the van…the ghost town part of the trip has officially begun… more

Ghost Town Fools Trip Day 1.

Mastroni | 05.26.13


Well here we are out in Arizona yet again…Volume’s second home. To the best of my knowledge almost every single company has done a trip out here at some point over this past winter. So what makes us so much cooler you ask? Well this time around we decided to take a slightly different approach and roll with a concept Sir Hosselton came up with, which is basicially centered around visiting several old ghost towns rich with history, as well as some plain old more modern, but still abandoned desert places alike. The trip roster is Drew Hoss, Bahlman, Raban, Broc, Myself, and your favorite vegan photographer’s vegan photographer, Jeff Z. Lets do this… more