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Enns’ New Barrier Spot Gallery

Brian | 01.31.14

Spot guru and pool adventurer, Jason Enns took us (some of the team guys, Mastroni and myself) to one of his secret new barrier spots last month and not only killed the barrier for anyone else to try stuff on in the future but banged all this out in the matter of 30 minutes.  Take notes kids!  This whole gallery was the warm-up spot to shoot on and we were off to another “secret” spot.  Till next time…  Also, be sure to check out Enns’ last Then & Now feature that we had up a couple weeks ago. Click top pic to view the gallery.

Enns’ Pre Injury Pics

Brian | 05.10.13

J just sent over a bunch of pics from all his local spots, sessions and journeys that he did with Biz and Rooftop before his knee injury. You might have seen some of these before on his Instagram or on his other sponsors site but since they’re all still awesome pics we thought we’d put up a cool gallery of them all. Pics by Paul Luna, Mike Escamilla and Surrey Steve. Click the top pic to view the full gallery.  more

TCU Photo Gallery By Devin Feil Featuring Raban & Platt.

Mastroni | 01.24.13

The two Alex’s both have two photos each in this gallery by Devin Feil over on The Come Up. Ever the professional character, instead of just writing generic descriptions about his photos, Devin really went out of his way to highlight the last year or so of each featured riders ‘career’ for lack of better words. Great place to check out some dope photos and refresh yourself on all of Raban & Platt’s recent accomplishments. Check that out riiiiight hurrr.

Volume Complete Gallery

Brian | 09.24.12

We’ve been keeping a lot of our new goods under wraps for our trade show.  RIDEbmx just put up all our new completes and parts on their Interbike 2012 Gallery.  Our new complete line is still a ways off but you can see by the pics, we’re really going in hard and going to compete with the best of em’!  We’re so excited on the parts used, materials, colorways and price points we worked on getting for you guys on the new 2013 complete line. Check out the rest of the pics HERE.

TCU OSS Salt Lake City Photo Gallery.

Mastroni | 07.24.12

Head over the The Come Up to check out a dope photo gallery by Devin Feil of a few snaps from our recent OSS Trip to Salt Lake City. Features Alex Raban, Tate, and even a riding photo from Myself. Adam also did a cool little writeup with his take on Tate’s unique riding style in the article that everyone should read IMO.