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Volume In Japan Trip Timeline

Brian | 05.11.14

Volume Japan Trip Flyer Timeline

We just got the full shop/ skatepark dates and times for our Japan trip.  If any of you are in the area, please come out and join the fun…
Original Post: We’re proud to announce that we’ll be in Japan May 16th-24th filming, riding, hanging out being tourists, and stopping by some shops along the way.  Raban, Broc and Mastroni will be reppin’ Volume out there with the Demolition guys.  Be sure to follow us on Insta for all the updates.  See ya’ soon Japan! Click top image to view the full flyer>>

Gonracin For 5 Years…

Kevin | 05.23.13


Gonracin BMX in Oregon is having their 5th year anniversary jam this weekend. You might remember them from our Ground Recon coverage of them a few months ago. Gonracin is one of the rare core BMX shops, so this will definitely be a good time with good riding, food, video premieres, and some Volume prizes. Make sure you’re there if you’re in the area, and if you are, then I’m sure you already made plans to. Click the flyer for all the details…