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Back To School Tee Flipbook

Brian | 08.14.13

Mike (Mastroni) got out some of the team guys to hit the beach for a some “team bonding” and to show off our all new Back To School Tees. Jason Enns, Matt Clark, Mike Jonas, Alex Platt, Mike Mastroni, Broc Raiford, Alex Raban, Victor Galindo and Billy Perry were all there to soak up the sun and have some fun off their bikes. Huge thanks to Joey Cobbs for making magic behind the lens. All the new tees are available now at your local Volume dealer, mail order shop or on our site.

2014 Bike Catalog

Brian | 08.1.13

Really excited to finally get this catalog out there now that ALL our complete bikes just arrived today. Everyone, from our sales staff, team riders and designers have been working on our completes for some time now and we’re all really excited to finally see them at a Volume dealer/ mail order near you. Hope you like em’ as much as we do! Click the Issuu flipbook above to see em’ all.

Eric and Drew’s Dam Adventure

Brian | 06.20.13


Spencer Lee sent me a bunch of sick photos of Drew and Eric riding an amazing dam not too long ago.  We had so many great pics, we had to make a flipbook of their big adventure.  Drew also wrote a short story about the adventure and what they went through to find the dam in the AZ heat.  Huge thanks to Spenser Lee and Lear Miller for the photos. Click HERE to view the flipbook.


Volume @ Texas Toast Flipbook.

Mastroni | 10.19.12

Texas Toast is just about the coolest BMX contest to ever exist in my book, and I’m super stoked that we were able to be a part of the action this year with Broc Raiford, Mike Jonas, and Drew Hosselton out in full effect. Click here to check out the good times. Thanks to Joey Cobbs and Fat Tony for hooking it up!

Sledgehammer ID

Brian | 09.26.11

The other day Matt (Lee) went out to Riverside to ride/ shoot with Mike Lakin. Matt also brought over the new Sledgehammer to see if Mike would be able to do anything on it. To Matt’s surprise, Mike is a natural on the 26″ as well as his BMX. Matt came back with so many great shots, we decided to do a lil’ flipbook of all the great pics. Check it out HERE.