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Settin’ the Bar….

Kevin | 07.15.14

Drew Barista Fire Spread

Drew HossBoss’s and Broc Raiford’s Barista and Bourbon Street bars are back in stock for the peak of summer. Yeh, we know, we’ve used this photo before, but how could we not throw it back up!? This is such a sick photo! I get stoked every time I see it!  Go cop some new bars are your local Volume retailer or favorite mailorder.

Chijioke Pics

Brian | 08.17.11

Harley over at 10Pack just sent over a couple of shots of Chijioke shot by Eric Marshall.  Word is that Chijioke has been killing it and is getting ready for 10Packs big Toronto tour that starts today through the 22nd.  Check the 10Pack site for more details.   more

Enns On Fire

Brian | 01.4.11

If you haven’t been reading the Twitter Feeds today, you’ve missed @bizjordan and @mikeescamilla talking about Enns ripping it up once again.  The guys have been on a mission to finish up their parts for Demolition’s Last Chance.  Big wallride over dumpster.  Photo courtesy of Justen Soule.