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Travel Essentials With Raban

Brian | 04.13.14

ESPN/ Jeremy Pavia sat down with Raban on what his ideal travel essentials are when hitting the road. This will definitely come in handy when he’s going to Japan next week. Check it all out here >>
“As he continues to stack footage for an upcoming Volume video, Volume Bikes team rider Alex Raban has caught the travel bug. Recently, caught up with Raban to check out what his travel essentials are. “From leaving town to visit a city for a week, to visiting a new state or country, traveling has attached to me like a bug. Meeting new people and gaining new experiences along the way is what I love,” says Raban.”

Broc Day In The Life

Brian | 01.4.14


ESPN/ Jeremy Pavia just put up a cool Day In The Life of Broc Raiford through pictures.  Be sure to check out the captions while clicking through the pics HERE.
“Broc Raiford is part of the new breed of Southern California BMX transplants, having made the move from Louisiana to Huntington Beach, Calif. These days, as a pro for Volume Bikes and Odyssey, Raiford spends his time skating, riding, video gaming and visiting his sponsors. Here, Raiford walks us through his day: “I like to start these sunny California days off with a nice bowl of cereal and a quick scroll through the Internet to catch any new edits or news. During that time I usually text my friends to see what they are up to and try to catch a session,” says Raiford.” – ESPN

Jason Enns Meant To Be

Brian | 02.19.13

Jason has been with us since the beginning in 1999 and has been going strong ever since.  ESPN just did a rad lil’ article on riders that have been with their longtime sponsors. Check out what they have to say below:

“Relationships between BMX pros and BMX sponsors can be tenuous and short, but for the chosen few, the right chemistry, work ethic and brand identity paves the way for career-long relationships between rider and sponsor.” Sandy Carson ESPN
“Jason Enns joined Volume Bicycles at the brand’s inception in 1999, and 14 years later, he remains the longest-running original member of the Volume pro team. A year later, Enns signed on with Volume’s sister component brand Demolition, and today, he’s still on the pro roster.” – Jeremy Pavia ESPN BMX

Jonas Undergrabber 2.0

Brian | 05.6.12

Our good homie, Mike Jonas has up a really cool interview up on ESPN about his life in Nor Cal, living in Long Island and sponsorship.  His new Volume edit coming out any day now is going to blow some minds, I think it might have a lot of guys talking.  Be sure to check back soon for that one.  “I’ve avoided potential hookups in the past because I either didn’t feel like I fit into the crew too well or the products didn’t fit my style. Volume is a company I’ve always really liked. I’d run their frame and parts even if I didn’t ride for them and I’m homies with a bunch of people who are part of the crew, so it’s a good fit.”- Mike Jonas

Lil D Lost and Found

Brian | 04.13.12

2 dope edits of Daniel “Lil’-D Martinez” all in one week!! Really like this one a lot and was put together really clean. Plus with D’s steez, you can never go wrong. I’m also stoked to make a cameo, where I beat Gabe Brooks in a game of horse, haha.

Mastroni’s ESPN Interview

Brian | 03.1.12

Mike’s latest edit has been getting a ton of love from not only the BMX community but all bicycle advocates.  His riding to me is refreshing to see in the day in age of flips, spins and other crazy tricks that only a hand full of riders in the world can do.  His riding to me is what street riding is; riding whatever the hell you want to ride and actually putting thought into each trick. ESPN (Brian Tunney) just did an interview with him about the making of the video and what’s involved in some of the tricks he does. “A lot of times I’ll find something and not really be too sure what to do on it. Then I’ll just kinda sit on it for a while till something pops into my head, and then I’ll go try it.” -Mike Mastroni

Lil-D Today Edit

Brian | 08.11.11

“Today we meet up with Volume Bikes’ very own street wizard Daniel Martinez to ride one of Los Angeles’ newest skateparks, fully equipped with the ever-so-popular street plaza and a full length old school snake run. Then, after his quick warm up session, we head to his old stomping grounds in Monterey Park to revisit some street nib spots he used to ride as a youngster.“- Tommy Blanco