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Settin’ the Bar….

Kevin | 07.15.14

Drew Barista Fire Spread

Drew HossBoss’s and Broc Raiford’s Barista and Bourbon Street bars are back in stock for the peak of summer. Yeh, we know, we’ve used this photo before, but how could we not throw it back up!? This is such a sick photo! I get stoked every time I see it!  Go cop some new bars are your local Volume retailer or favorite mailorder.

ReRe-Up: Bermuda Frame Promo.

Mastroni | 12.19.13

Volume Bikes: Bermuda Frame Promo. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

I know I’ve probably re-posted this before…most likely in the weeks following it’s release, but I just listened to this song again on my flight back east for Christmas and it reminded me of this promo. Yeah, whoever made this is probably a pretty cool guy. Check out Raban, Broc, and Drew killing it then (shameless store plug) PICK ONE UP HERE!

Drew IN Town

Brian | 07.18.13


We got Drew in town the other day to get some shine time on the completes for our new complete bike vids and flipbook.  The crew and him all went out with “D” and J.Cobbs all around the LA area and came back with some amazing stuff. Be on the lookout for the vids and pics soon.

Dig #92 Drew Ad

Brian | 01.7.13

The latest issue of DIG features our very own, Drew Hosselton doing a cool backwards grind.  The ad features the all new Bourbon Bars that recently got in stock too.  Be sure to check out their new print mag for much more. Click more to view the full ad. more

Drew How To

Brian | 07.8.12

In this TCU How To, Drew helps all you guys that don’t yet know how to feeble hard 180. Drew does a good job on describing the best way to learn them too. While you’re at it, be sure to check out Drew’s last bangin’ edit.

Drew in Ca

Brian | 03.28.12

Drew came out to Cali for a Demolition trip this last week and our very own J.Cobbs shot a bunch of new shots of him for upcoming ads and web updates, that we’ll be seeing real soon.  Check that wild shot above of Drew going up and gapping over both blocks.