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Off The Deep End With The Hoss

Brian | 06.20.14

With the heat getting around 115 degrees in the Arizona Summer, there’s definitely not a lack of pools and makes up for some great pool finds.  Drew Hosselton and friends made this rad pool video shot around AZ and came through with a gallery and interview too.  Check it all out at RIDEbmx.
“There’s not really anything revolutionary you are going to do in a pool, so it’s more about filming what’s fun or exhilarating and just hope it translates well to video.” – Hoss

Drew Hosselton Barista Bar Promo.

Mastroni | 03.25.14

Here’s some extra clips that didn’t make the cut from Mr Hoss’ upcoming Volume DVD section to promote his new signature handlebar, the BARISTA! With a solid 9″ rise and 29″ of width, this bar is perfect to meet your size quota while still allowing you to spin em when you want. Grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and give Drew a few plays. For more info on the BARISTA bar < click there. ALSO, you may have noticed we've chosen to drop this on YouTube instead of Vimeo. We got OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL poppin’ a bit with all your favorite Volume edits… so check that out too and SUBSCRIBE!

Drew Hosselton #GETCREATIVEVLM Video Entry.

Mastroni | 02.4.14

Volume: Drew Hosselton #GETCREATIVEVLM. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Drew’s team entry for our #GETCREATIVEVLM Instagram Contest! To enter: Follow us @volumebikes & submit your best/most creative trick by using the hashtag #getcreativeVLM on your photo or video. Winner will be picked February 14th and receive a Volume Bermuda Frame.

Drew’s #Getcreativevlm Entry

Brian | 01.24.14

Drew wallride to handplant

We’ve already got a good amount of entries to our #getcreativeVLM contest and couldn’t be more stoked on how creative on how some of the entries are already.  This is gonna be a hard one to judge!  The Hoss came through with this crazy wallride to hand-plant on our last New Mexico trip and is a perfect example of Drew’s creativity and how his mind thinks when rolling up to spots.  Pic by Joey Cobbs.  Click image to go BIG!

Drew Hosselton Demolition Arizona Video.

Mastroni | 01.20.14

Demolition Parts: Drew Hosselton AZ Edit from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Holy f#%k! What more could you even ask for from Drew? This desert dwelling afro enthusiast spot pimp from Arizona comes thru yet again with an amazing video for Demolition filled with the most unique spots, setups, and trick ideas to start your week off right. Shouts to Greg Moliterno for doing such a great job on this as well. This is BMX at it’s finest…

Drew’s Friday Interview

Brian | 01.19.14


Our creative junky, Drew Hosselton made RIDEbmx’s Friday Interview.  Be sure to check it out and read some of the out-takes from his last RIDE interview.

Drew Hosselton graced the cover of our October 2013 issue along with a great interview inside, and like usual, there was too much said during the interview to fit it all into the layout. So here are the out-takes from Drew’s interview, it’s a little random topic wise—ranging from tortoises and rodeo stars, to pools and web videos.” – RIDE