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Broc Rides Dirt?

Brian | 12.23.13


I usually don’t put up Instagram posts before a blog post but since our Insta of Broc doing this big no-handed 3 got so much love on Instagram, I thought I’d put up the full non-cropped pic of it on our blog too.  Click image to go big.

Matt Cordova Gets Dirty

Brian | 08.23.13


You might have seen a couple of our posts on our Instagram of Matt Cordova doing his usual crazy action on dirt. Nothing beats going out to shoot and having someone just knock out back to back tricks, it just makes a photographers job that much easier. Granted dirt is a bit easier than going to street spots but Matt always makes it easier cause every damn trick he does is 100% usable and stylish. I ended up getting a solid handful of pics but didn’t know if I wanted to blow em’ all on a flipbook or a couple here and there on posts… Click image to go big or right click to save.

Enns Getting Dirty

Brian | 11.26.12

Spot master, Jason Enns found another gem of a spot and made the most of it as always.  We got a couple rad new pics on the new spot and he showed who was boss with this bars (pictured) up the big step up.  Check that curb, just in case you be comin’ up short.

Victor’s Decade

Brian | 11.23.12

For some reason the decade air is a lost trick, maybe cause it’s so hard that not a lot of guys do it? Whatever the reason, it was always a trick that I loved seein.  Victor Salazar is one of the few that makes it look easy every time I see him do it.  Must be nice.  Thanks for doing them multiple times for me buddy.

Matt Cordova Pic of the Day

Brian | 11.17.12

Always stoked to go out with Matt to see what he has up his sleeve.  Not only does Matt have mad style, he’s got a bag of tricks that always seems to surprise me whenever I see him shred. Check the height on this classic x-up one footer overlooking the California Wetlands.

TCU Texas Toast Edit.

Mastroni | 10.16.12

Ever the quick content producer, my good friend Charlie Crumlish managed to put this edit together in no time from Texas Toast this past weekend. Broc gets a few seconds of shine in here with some nose manual to gap to nose manual stuntin’. I’m sure this isn’t the last edit we will see from Toast…but it’s certainly a little taste of how crazy it was.

Average Day in Riverside

Brian | 08.29.11

Just saw this up at the RIDE BMX site. Both, Mike and Bryan both ride Volume’s and are homies of ours. Check the video, these dudes kill it! “For this edit Mike Lakin and Bryan Olivas wanted to show an average day of riding in Riverside…Work on the jumps at Mike’s house for a while and have a session, then grab some food before an afternoon session, and finally head to the Compound for the evening. Not a bad day.”- RIDE BMX