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Owen Dawson’s Youth Of Today Interview

Brian | 02.9.16

Our own Canadian rail badass, Owen Dawson has been blowing up fast since his Welcome To Volume edit dropped last month. His DIG Youth Of Today video was just the topping on the cake. His new DIG interview just dropped, be sure to check it out to learn a bit more about Owen and what’s going on with him up in the great white north.
DIG: When you chose what Volume frame to ride was the Cerberus out of Canadian pride?
Haha there was definitely some pride involved but thats not the sole reason. The facts are that this is Enns fifth signature frame… the guy knows what he’s doing and the frame reflects that, its dialed man.”

The Volume 1 Video Nod

Brian | 12.28.15

Unbelievably stoked that the Volume 1 video made the DIG bmx’s Best Videos Of 2015 list. Our guys Josh Clemens, Billy Perry, DeMarcus Paul, and filmer/editor, Mike Mastroni put a lot of time and energy into it and stoked they got the nod. Be sure to check it out again here>>
“Volume Bikes wasted no time in following up ‘The Finer Things’ DVD with another incredible video project. With full sections from Josh Clemens, Billy Perry, and DeMarcus Paul. Josh Clemens first full section was sure to make waves, this kid has got style, tricks, and excellent taste. Billy Perry made the most of a visit to California/Oregon and opportunities to film near home in NYC coming away with his best collection of footage to date. You’d think there is no way DeMarcus Paul’s section could top all the amazing edits he’s already put out this year, but somehow it did just that. So so good!” – DIG

DeMarcus Paul Makes The List

Brian | 12.27.15

DIG bmx just announced their top 12 riders of the year and saw that our man DeMarcus made the list. It’s been a long time coming for him and unbelievably stoked to see him get the recognition he derserves. Congrats Deemo!
“DeMarcus sees every opportunity with a refreshing optimism and appreciation, putting his all into project after project and doing it with a huge smile across his face.” – DIG

Josh Clemens DIG Interview

Brian | 12.11.15

Not only did Josh drop his new part in Volume 1 last week, this week he dropped his ‘In Review’ video feature where he talked about the video, and his new DIG interview HERE>>.  They put up a good amount of amazing photos from his Volume 1 part as well as some good info on Josh’s background and what he’s been up to currently.
“As soon as Mike said he wanted me to have a full section in this new video, I really wanted to try and make it my best. I’m my own biggest critic (I think everyone is), and most of the time I’m usually pretty hard on myself and not to stoked on a few things here and there, but over all I’m very happy with how it all came out.” – Josh


Brian | 11.20.15

If you missed our last post about Volume 1 releasing soon and the DIG feature ‘What’s the Story’, be sure to check it out here>> There’s a ton of insight about the project and what to expect for the series from Mike Mastroni himself.
The Volume 1 features Josh Clemens, DeMarcus Paul and Billy Perry.  Drops Dec 1st, don’t miss this one!
Perfect quote to start it off:
After finishing up The Finer Things were you and the team eager to work on something straight away?
Definitely. I think everyone is proud of what we accomplished as a team with TFT, however time keeps on ticking and everyone remains eager to film.

Minimal Mischief

Brian | 08.28.15


DIG just put up their last gallery piece of Pool’s Gold with this last installment called ‘Minimal Mischief’, be sure to check it out here>>. Check out 1 and 2 of Pool’s Gold while you’re at it.

“One week later, I was back on a plane; looking back, this trip was all I could have hoped for, and a lot more. No, this wasn’t the secret kickoff of filming for Criminal Mischief 2; it was more along the lines of Minimal Mischief with some old friends, with a little trespassing involved, of course.” – DIG

Jason: This was a pool I had been by before, but someone was living in the house and it was sort of off-limits. Then I saw a photo of some dudes riding it, and it was on. It’s different; it’s more of a bank to Jersey barrier. You have more options than you normally would. It was fun. If I owned a house and I commissioned a pool, and they built me that, I’d be like, “What the fuck is this thing?”

The Finer Things Crunch Time Feature

Brian | 05.10.15

If you missed Raban’s 48hr ‘The Finer Things’ release over at DIG, you might have also missed their ‘Crunch Time’ feature with some of the guys on what went down or what they went through throughout filming. There’s some banger photos in there alone worth checking out, so don’t miss this one!  This insane gap to ledge ride from Alex Platt is one of the craziest things in the DVD and is all or nothing.  Photo by Devin Feil.

“When the leader of a race enters the final lap at a track meet a bell is rung, and if you’ve fallen behind it’s now or never to get yourself in position to finish strong. The bell rang loud and clear for the Volume team in late October as Texas Toast 2014 was in full swing. The original plan was to premiere the ‘The Finer Things’ DVD at Toast, which would have meant wrapping up filming a couple of months prior. As often happens with full length video projects, the initial release date turned out to be merely a carrot to chase. Volume’s bell lap was a two month long sprint to the tape filled of generator missions, broken bones, last minute flights, bangers, and memories that’ll last a lifetime.” DIG

Alex Raban’s The Finer Things DVD Section Is Now Live For 48hrs

Mastroni | 05.8.15

Alex Raban’s The Finer Things section as well as our “Crunch Time” Article are NOW LIVE over on!! Drop what you’re doing and check it out!!

“DIG is proud to present Alex Raban’s section from Volume‘s ‘The Finer Things’ DVD. The very first of the DVD to see the light of day online, but get your views in now because Raban’s amazing part will be viewable for 48 hours and 48 hours only. A true master in the streets showing how it’s done. You can tell us if we are wrong, but I am betting you want to see the rest of this video now…”

Additional ‘The Finer Things’ Features on DIG:
The Finer Things – Crunch Time : Down to the wire with the Volume team

Mike Mastroni – The Hardest Thing To Do : The full story behind the making of Volume’s ‘The Finer Things’ DVD