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The Finer Things: A Finer Saturday With Platt, Broc, Krejmas, & Josh.

Mastroni | 12.21.14

Been pretty hyped on using a real camera that isn’t an iPhone and taking some blog photos. So, here’s a first hand look at what a typical Saturday out filming with us is like. We cut down a tree limb to mount a camera, made a lot of people cry on Instagram, filmed an amazing Platt clip, went on a few wild goose chases for potential spots, and ended up finding DeMarcus’ secret candy stash in a high school trash can. All in a days work right? CLICK IMAGE TO EXPAND GALLERY.

Welcome To The Team Josh Clemens!

Brian | 04.21.14

Clemens welcome ad
Today we’re proud to announce that our good friend, Josh Clemens is now a part of the Volume fam!  In addition to being an extremely skilled bike rider, he’s a damn solid dude who rides with us all the time anyway.  So naturally it was only a matter of time until he got on-board with us. Pic by Devin Feil.  Here’s also a recent video of Josh killing it all around SoCal if you need a refresher.  Click pic to view the whole welcome ad.

Broc’s ART Webzine #6 Ad

Brian | 03.17.14


New Vessel frame ad for ART BMX Webzine/ EZCO Distribution of Broc getting a solid ice down a steep 13 stair from our last Utah trip that Devin Feil shot.  Funny, we made this ad on a Thursday for ART’s ad deadline and saw it on TCU on Friday.  The power of the internet and the fast paced guys at ART making downtime a thing of the past.  Click image to view the whole ad.

Matt’s Fence Hop Wallpaper

Brian | 02.19.14

Codova Fence Hop

The guys took a trip up to Utah and Idaho last year and took along photographer, Devin Feil to document most of their journey.  Matt went along and got some street stuff on the trip with Devin, which is always cool to see Matt ride street since we’re all used to him airing the hell out of a dirt jump or park.  Last I heard Matt was working on a street edit.  Can’t wait to see that one; fast, big and style for miles.  Click image to go big!

Mastroni’s #Getcreativevlm

Brian | 01.28.14

Mike gets creative

Mike’s riding has always been more on the creative side and decided to get in the mix with this older 2012 Devin Feil  downtube pole-jam pic for our Instagram #getcreativeVLM contest.  Still to this day don’t see this trick done very often by anyone.  Keep those entries coming for the contest.  Click image to go BIG!

OSS Ruin Your Whole Summer Photo Gallery.

Mastroni | 08.16.13

raban gap to smith SLC

The Come Up just dropped an exclusive photo gallery from Ruin Your Whole Summer. Unless you live under a rock you’ll have already noticed there is quite a good amount of overlap between the Volume and OSS teams. That overlap includes some dope photos of Alex Platt, Myself, Tate Roskelley, and of course Alex Raban above with this insane gap to smith. All photos by Devin Feil.

New Devin Feil Photo Site.

Mastroni | 07.11.13

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 5.26.34 PM
Anyone who follows BMX photography closely enough has most certainly heard of our leather-loving friend Devin. I might be a couple days late on this but Dirty Dev has a new photo site up showcasing some small portfolios of his best work in and out of BMX featuring Volume riders Platt, Raban, and Myself. If you want to know other extremely interesting and 100% factual things about Devin, just follow our good friend Adam on twitter.