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Enns, Tate, And I On Demolition Colorado Trip.

Mastroni | 08.22.13


Volume riders Enns, Tate, & Myself are out in Colorado right now on the Demolition #DemolitionMtnMission trip. As usual Mr. Cobbs is on it with daily photo updates. So far we’ve spent a night in Salt Lake, driven thru Wyoming, rode some skateparks, watched Jason be stoked to be back on his bike which is awesome, and I even did a downside whip. Keep up on our travels as of Day 3 here…and Days 1 & 2 here.

New Enns Footage

Brian | 01.11.13

Never gets old watching Enns shred.  He’s always on the move to find new spots around town and get new tricks on em. In this new edit with his closest riding bud, Ryan “Biz” Jordan, they both throw down with some serious new moves I’ve never have seen from both of them.  Enough talk, get watchin’!

New Year, New Contest…

Kevin | 01.4.13

There’s now a new avenue for you to get your Volume Bikes product through CasualBMX. Casual is a new SoCal based BMX mail order shop through Incycle Bicycles. To celebrate their launch we and Demolition Parts have teamed up with Casual to run a contest for a brand new Demolition Rolls V2 and Phantom V2 cyan blue hubset, and some Volume Bikes shirts and stickers. Any orders for Volume or Demolition products from now through Jan. 31st are automatically entered to win. Check the flyer for details and get to ordering on Casual!

Jason Enns Filming Update.

Mastroni | 10.25.12

I’ve been putting in the horse-country hours lately with Jason and Demolition teammate Biz Jordan for their upcoming split edit. Filming with Jason is always a treat because much like the rest of the Volume team, he has great taste in tricks and spots…not to mention prime sandwich spots. Between the two of them, the timeline is looking pretty epic so far and I can’t wait to get it poppin! Shouts to Dave Dilleward of DillsyPhoto for the above snap. Click below for more Enns goodness…

TCU Texas Toast Edit.

Mastroni | 10.16.12

Ever the quick content producer, my good friend Charlie Crumlish managed to put this edit together in no time from Texas Toast this past weekend. Broc gets a few seconds of shine in here with some nose manual to gap to nose manual stuntin’. I’m sure this isn’t the last edit we will see from Toast…but it’s certainly a little taste of how crazy it was.

Lil D’s Last Chance Section.

Mastroni | 09.26.12

Demoliton Parts: Daniel “Lil D” Martinez Last Chance DVD Section from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Here’s D’s section from the Demolition Last Chance DVD. From steezy street lines to technical yet sizable bangers throughout, D always delivers with his own blend of smoothness and effortless style. The hanger 180 down the curved rail and that wild gap to cut off rail ender are my favs.

Drew in Ca

Brian | 03.28.12

Drew came out to Cali for a Demolition trip this last week and our very own J.Cobbs shot a bunch of new shots of him for upcoming ads and web updates, that we’ll be seeing real soon.  Check that wild shot above of Drew going up and gapping over both blocks.