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The Volume X Demolition Japan Tour.

Mastroni | 07.7.14

Last month we went to Japan with some Demolition dudes & the help of Motocross International Distribution. We got to visit a ton of awesome shops, some amazing skateparks & street quareterpipes, and of course filmed some clips along the way for you to enjoy. Check out Broc and Raban killing it along with the likes of Dennis Enarson, Tyler Fernengel, Kris Fox, & Connor Lodes. Big thanks again to Motocross International for making this trip a reality, and for taking such good care of us during our stay over there.

#VLMDemoJapanTour: Days 1 & 2.

Mastroni | 05.17.14

Well shit, we made ‘er boys! The first couple days over here have been nothing short of amazing. From the riding, fun times, unique BMX shops & great food, to how well Motocross International have been taking care of us…this trip is certainly off on the right foot. In the interest of time here I’m gonna be doing gallery format for all the daily updates instead of my usual ‘write a funny story about each photo’ method. So click thru & enjoy all the ridiculousness from Broc, Raban, Myself & the rest of the crew on our first two days here in Japan. Follow along with the trip on IG n all that at #vlmdemojapantour. Click to launch gallery. All photos by Joey Cobbs.

Drew Hosselton Demolition Arizona Video.

Mastroni | 01.20.14

Demolition Parts: Drew Hosselton AZ Edit from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Holy f#%k! What more could you even ask for from Drew? This desert dwelling afro enthusiast spot pimp from Arizona comes thru yet again with an amazing video for Demolition filled with the most unique spots, setups, and trick ideas to start your week off right. Shouts to Greg Moliterno for doing such a great job on this as well. This is BMX at it’s finest…

Demolition Rotator Freecoaster Promo.

Mastroni | 11.20.13

Demolition Parts: Biz Jordan Rotator Freecoaster Promo. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

This is a promo for Biz’s new freecoaster, The Rotator, but features clips of a few different Demolition riders including our very own Drew Hoss. Keen eyes might notice that one of Drew’s clips was also in his recent Hatchet Fork Promo. That’s no mistake, the clip is too dope and I thought it was worthy of using again. Start bugging your local bike shop to get your hands on some coasters ASAP!

Demolition MTN Mission Video.

Mastroni | 10.15.13

Demolition Parts: Demolition MTN Mission Video. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Really psyched to finally get this out! A month or so back we took a Demolition trip up to Colorado with Volume heads Jason Enns and Tate Roskellley included for some sight seeing, amazing skateparks, and of course some of the best street spots in the country. Tate and Jason came thru with some amazing clips….shit I may or may not even have one in there too. Enjoy and follow @demolitionparts #demolitionmtnmission for all the photos from the trip.

Jason Enns’ Cerberus Bike Check

Brian | 09.6.13

Going on 14 years of being pro and 5 (Destroyer, Death Wish, Ends and Destroyer Reissue)  signature frames for Volume Bikes, Jason Enns paid his dues 10 fold.  The man has seen every trend come and go in riding, bikes, and anything else in bmx.  Jason is one rider that has progressed more than ever over the years and his bikes have always progressed right along with him.  His 4th signature frame, called the Cerberus will be coming out the end of this month and really wanted to show it all off with a proper bike check and questions. Be sure to check out all of the Cerberus’ specs HERE. All pics by Joey Cobbs more