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By The Numbers With Mike Mastroni

Brian | 03.1.15

Mike-Mastroni-Defgrip-Numbers-8001 Our very own, Mike Mastroni has up the latest/ greatest Defgrip By The Numbers feature.  He answered a solid 20 questions ranging from a  variety of different topics and came through with some new answers even we didn’t know about him.  Photo by Devin Feil
[What has been an “ahh-ha! ” moment in your life?
Within the last few years, I’d say just realizing that I don’t have to limit my own riding & creativity to the boundries of what BMX deems cool or acceptable. For all you kids reading this, neither do you. I distinctly remember something clicking in my brain and it was exactly like, “ahh-ha, I’m going to do whatever the fuck I want now!!”]

Broc Draws For Defgrip

Brian | 03.18.13


Broc draws a lot and since he’s laid up with his wrist injury still, he’s doing a loooooot of drawing.  He just did a cool piece (above) for a Defgrip wallpaper.  Click here to get yourself a new screensaver.
“If you follow Broc Raiford on Instagram, than you know the dude likes to draw. If you’re a fan of tattoo style images, you are doubly in luck. I knew Broc would be a great candidate to whip up a wallpaper for us, so I hit him up to do so.- Defgrip