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Short and Sweet With Daniel Martinez

Brian | 12.19.14

Daniel Martiniez footage always gets me stoked to ride, due to his smooth style and making crazy shit look easy. This quick new edit of D is just that, take a look.

“ShorT & SweeT – can be a quick video from one person,a group of people or just background funny shit that happens when im out with people. I will be dropping some more ShorT & SweeT videos throughout the year featuring alot of different riders!”

Lil D Downside Whip Throwback.

Mastroni | 07.31.14

Here’s a good TBT for you featuring this dope photo of D that never found a home. This was shot way back in November of 2012 up in San Jose on the Volume In California trip. Right after D and Bahlman filmed some shit on this grate, Tate practically fell thru it trying to footplant bar in….at which point we just gave up and continued down the ditch. Photo by Joey Cobbs.

Infantry Complete Bike Promo

Matt | 08.21.13

The 2014 Infantry Complete Bikes are now available and we’re confident that this bike is one of the best complete bikes on the market. To show you just how confident we are about the Infantry, we got Broc Raiford, Drew Hosselton, Matt Cordova, and Daniel Martinez to put these bikes to the test for this promo. As you can see, the guys didn’t hold back one bit. The Infantry is 100% rider designed, rider tested, and rider approved. Contact your local bike shop or favorite mail order to pick up an Infantry bike or any of the other 2014 Volume Complete Bikes.

2014 Complete Bike Poster

Brian | 04.7.13


We just got in our complete bike posters that are going out to shops.  Our introductory back into the complete bike market has been a project in the works for over 2 years now and we’ll finally be releasing them this Summer.  D was cool enough to shoot on the Infantry complete bike (mid range complete bike) for the cover of the poster with a huuuuge double peg to gap into street.  We’ll have more info and pages on the completes up online in the near future. Click more to see the backside of the poster with all the bikes. more

Lil D TCU Edit.

Mastroni | 01.23.13

Lil D and filmer John Hicks really went in for this edit. Featuring lots of LA schoolyards and ballsy one hitters alike, and of course D’s seemingly flawless clean riding style throughout. It seems like every time I see D ride he’s just that much more dialed and aesthetically pleasing on his bike. Personal favorite clip in here was the un-luce to manual 180…or perhaps the little kid and his parents looking on as D shoots the bars thru that water fountain haha. Shoutout to The Come Up.

D’s Edit About to Drop

Brian | 01.21.13

We posted awhile back that Daniel “D” Martinez is working on a TCU exclusive edit and should be up any day now.  I just saw it and has the classic flow that D lays down with some heavy bangers that a lot of guys will be surprised on.  The above pic is just a tiny hint on what he did on that rail. Guess what else went down on the rail?  Plus it’s made by John Hicks, so you know it’s gonna be quality editing/ filming.

D Goes Big

Brian | 12.20.12

Daniel “D” Martinez is mostly known for being the smooth line machine but on occasion he goes nuts with huge tricks.  This ice (pictured) in LA is absolutely nuts, I know a lot of riders have talked about it but don’t think it’s been done till now.  It’s steep and long as hell.  D is working on his new Osiris edit that he’s putting some time and banger tricks into.  Be on the lookout for that to hit soon. Pic by: Ryan Pankonin