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Broc’s New Dan’s Comp Catalog Cover

Brian | 08.11.14

Couldn’t be any more stoked to see our boy, Broc Raiford snatching up the latest cover of the Dan’s Comp Summer/ Back To School catalog. also did a mini interview about shooting the cover and what else is going on.  “Well, my Volume Bikes bossman Brian Castillo had a cover on this exact same setup, years back, whipping the gap and he tipped us off to the spot. It was sketchy getting up there and the roofs themselves were pretty high. I gave it a few 180′s and on the roll out, I got close to the edge and it definitely got my blood pumping. Once Joey Cobbs was ready to shoot, I sent it and luckily, didn’t have any close calls.” -Broc
Click the top image to view the whole cover photo>>

Drew Hoss Gets The Cover!!

Mastroni | 08.31.13


Words cannot describe how stoked I am that Drew scored the cover of the October 2013 issue of Ride. Mr Hosselton is just about the hardest working guy I know when it comes to riding. Weather it’s being out till all hours of the night looking for spots, or getting his web incentive hustle on at the skatepark in the 120 degree Arizona heat, you’ll pretty much never catch Drew sleepin’ for a minute. Congrats bud, you deserve it!!

I was fortunate enough to be on hand while all of Drew’s photos went down, and can assure you they are all nothing short of amazing. Pick up a copy at your local magazine watering hole ASAP. Click to go big…. more