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The Hessian

Brian | 07.27.13

You can tell we hate keeping our photo shoots and completes a secret with all the behind the scenes pics we’ve been putting up lately.  While we were shooting for our new complete bike catalog, we had some leftover Enns/ Hessian bike pics from the shoot. If this doesn’t scream Hessian, I don’t know what does! Can’t wait for you guys to see the good, real pics. Click pic to go BIG!

Drew IN Town

Brian | 07.18.13


We got Drew in town the other day to get some shine time on the completes for our new complete bike vids and flipbook.  The crew and him all went out with “D” and J.Cobbs all around the LA area and came back with some amazing stuff. Be on the lookout for the vids and pics soon.

2014 Complete Bike Poster

Brian | 04.7.13


We just got in our complete bike posters that are going out to shops.  Our introductory back into the complete bike market has been a project in the works for over 2 years now and we’ll finally be releasing them this Summer.  D was cool enough to shoot on the Infantry complete bike (mid range complete bike) for the cover of the poster with a huuuuge double peg to gap into street.  We’ll have more info and pages on the completes up online in the near future. Click more to see the backside of the poster with all the bikes. more

Volume Complete Gallery

Brian | 09.24.12

We’ve been keeping a lot of our new goods under wraps for our trade show.  RIDEbmx just put up all our new completes and parts on their Interbike 2012 Gallery.  Our new complete line is still a ways off but you can see by the pics, we’re really going in hard and going to compete with the best of em’!  We’re so excited on the parts used, materials, colorways and price points we worked on getting for you guys on the new 2013 complete line. Check out the rest of the pics HERE.