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Chij at Joyride

Brian | 01.12.14

Our Canadian connection, Chijioke Okafo turns the up the heat with this indoor Joyride session while it’s snow season in Toronto.

“An evening at Joyride with Chijioke Okafo and Chris Cadot. We started filming at 7pm, with the hopes of getting 5 clips each, all was said and done by 9:50pm, with 10 minutes to spare before closing. Winter is what you make of it and although nothing beats riding outdoors with your buds, we’re fortunate to have places like Joyride in Canada to keep us occupied over the winter. Thanks to Chi and Chris for making this happen!” Filmed and Edited by Jeremy Deme

Chij Back At It

Brian | 12.3.13


Chijioke is back nestled in his home in Toronto wishing of those 80˚ winter days in SoCal again, haha.  He just sent over this cool crooked pic that Harley Haskett and him shot while filming for his Hunt part.  Hit pic to go BIG.

Chijioke Wallpaper

Brian | 11.18.13

While Chijioke Okafo was at the office the other day, we made quick stop off at a nearby ditch and got this crazy over ice between the bars. As you can tell by the last couple pics, Chij has over icepicks on lock and can do them on just about anything. Click image to go big or right click to save to your desktop.

Chijioke’s Summer Edit

Brian | 09.16.13

Our main man in Toronto, Chijioke Okafo has been coming out with some solid clips and pics right out of the gate after knee surgery and has no plans on slowing down. Peter (filmer) and Chijioke got busy this Summer with a couple edits already and just finished this latest Volume one. Hope you like it as much as we do. Huge shout out to Ten Pack Distribution for helping out.

Filmed & Edited by Peter Almeida

Chij Update

Brian | 04.23.13


Looks like Chijioke Okafo is back in action and fully back on his bike. He just shot over this pic and said he’s been filming a lot of good stuff for the video too. Big kinker dubs to pull over crooked pic by Headford