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Owen Dawson In Heaven

Brian | 12.15.15

Our Canadian rail powerhouse, Owen Dawson just dropped this rad new edit while over here last month stacking clips.
“Theory Squad member and all time Canadian Owen Dawson was down in the states this last month and stack three different videos this only being one, enjoy and be on the look out for more from Owen.”

Volume In Canada

Brian | 03.18.14


Everyone here at Volume bikes is happy to announce that we’re now being distributed in Canada by Killemall Distribution.
Killemall is owned and operated by guys that both live and love BMX, and have over 30 years of BMX experience under their belt. They’ve also been putting on BMX events for over 9 years now. Their Canadian Concrete jams have been the longest running series in Canada!
Killemall and Volume are already planning on making big moves with team trips, a Canadian team, and a lot more direct media attention.
Volume products will be available through Killemall starting April 2014.
For all Canadian inquires or questions, please contact Killemall at:

Killemall Distribution
346-2416 Main Street
Vancouver BC
V5T 3E2
Ph: 604-564-8495
Fax: 604-565-7475

Lazar’s Bermuda Bike Check

Brian | 12.17.13

RIDEbmx just put up a full bike check of our Canadian ripper Andrew Lazaruk .  He’s now back in Riverside, CA and riding as much as possible all over the SoCal area after escaping the harsh Canadian winter.  Check out his bike check HERE.
“Do people usually ask you about the paint job? Still pretty unique even after being out for a bit.
Ya a lot! Everyone assumes it’s some custom job not a production color way. Definitely the most asked about bike I’ve had.”

Chijioke Wallpaper

Brian | 11.18.13

While Chijioke Okafo was at the office the other day, we made quick stop off at a nearby ditch and got this crazy over ice between the bars. As you can tell by the last couple pics, Chij has over icepicks on lock and can do them on just about anything. Click image to go big or right click to save to your desktop.


Brian | 10.28.13

Chijioke has been one busy man after his knee surgery.  He’s already put out 3 big edits and now this one with Chris Cadot/ Northern Embassy.  Good flow, awesome spots and typical Chijioke style, this is another good one from our Canadian main man.
“Chijioke Okafo has had a busy summer. After recovering from knee surgery he put together a welcome back edit and interview with us in the spring, filmed for and made the semi finals in The Hunt video contest (winners announced November 7th), and put out a dope edit for Volume Bikes. Chris Cadot? What else is there to say but that he has been putting in that work behind and in front the lens all summer in Toronto. The pair have been going on filming missions the last few months and hit us up about putting out a split edit. We were stoked, and I feel like their riding styles are both contrasting and complimentary. Press play to check out what these two cats have gotten up to.” – Embassy

Enns’ 07-08 BC Clips

Brian | 05.11.13

Surrey Steve and the Northern Embassy just came through with a bunch of raw clips of Enns all around the Vancouver area.  Some of the clips were used in an old Demolition Parts edit and some have never been seen before. Regardless, there’s always something so cool about watching raw footage not edited to music or anything.  While you’re at it, go wish the ol’ man a Happy Birthday on his Instagram.

10 Pack East Coast Tour

Brian | 08.15.11

Our main man, Any Roode repping us hard on the Ten Pack East Coast Tour. Check out the crazy action above.
“This year we made the trek out to the East Coast of Canada and it was amazing. We hit up Halifax, Nova Scotia; Charlottetown, PEI and St. John’s, Newfoundland over 2 weeks and rode a ton of amazing spots all over. Thanks to everyone out there who showed us some east coast hospitality!”- Ten Pack