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Broc’s Ecuadorian Adventure Pt 2: The Riding.

Mastroni | 12.2.13

Well shit this is just the day of Broc isn’t it? Broc and Odyssey teammate Hoang Tran kill it in the streets of Ecuador. As any pro rider will tell you, it isn’t always easy to find good spots to ride when you’re on a trip in a foreign country. In this case however, it sure looks like they didn’t have too much trouble at all. Give this a watch or ten, and if you missed it, check out part 1 here.

Broc @ The Bakery: Secret Recipe Practice Video.

Mastroni | 12.2.13

Broc never ceases to blow my damn mind. At the young age of 19 he’s really been coming into his own lately, and pretty much defying physics with his crazy grind combos. Keep in mind this is just the practice…I foresee great things happening for the rest of this contest from Broc and everyone involved. Shout out to The Bakery, & stay tuned for more Secret Recipe coverage.

Broc’s Ecuadorian Adventure Pt 1.

Mastroni | 12.1.13

Earlier this year Broc went to Ecuador with Odyssey Teammate Hoang Tran. Here’s part one of their travels including most notable moments; Car breaking down one mile out of town, Broc eating human spit & what looks like some sort of fried bugs, and a dude trying a superman frontflip at a park contest. Stay Tuned for part two in the coming weeks.

Broc @ Dew Tour.

Mastroni | 10.11.13

Here’s a couple videos featuring our young pup at Dew Tour street practice switch whipping and tooth over toothing his way into some internet coverage. Check some more clips in the Ride video below… more

This Time Last Year

Brian | 07.22.13


@WoodwardCamp sent over some cool pics of Broc from when he was at Woodward East last Summer.  This snake run flair doesn’t get any better!  If none of you have been to camp, it’s seriously awesome.  I especially love the Woodward East, nothing beats those Summer sunsets and riding with all the homies.  Click image to go BIG.  Pic by: @thejeffbrockmeyer

Broc Raiford’s Welcome to Dan’s Comp Pro Team Edit

Kevin | 06.10.13

Any day with Broc Raiford footage is a good day indeed.  While Broc has been stacking up the signature parts and colors (like this, this, and also this), he was also stacking up the clips for his “Welcome to Dan’s Comp Pro” edit by the infamous Stew Johnson. More smooth, clean, technical goodness from Broc for your viewing pleasure….Watch and go ride!

Broc BMX Union Interview.

Mastroni | 05.1.13


Broc has a dope interview over on BMX Union all about his recent move to California, what it’s like coming off the wrist injury/surgery, some tattoo stuff, and just overall what it’s like to be an 18 year old kid who just decided up and move across the country to better pursue his riding career. Check that out here.