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Broc Duz It.

Mastroni | 02.21.14

Our main man Broc is over in Estonia right now along with many of our friends for (you guessed it) Simple Session. Be sure to tune in tomorrow around 10:30 am Pacific Time for the live feed from the contest and of course wish our boy luck in what I think is his first overseas competition. Hit the link for the live feed and more info. Here’s a throwback gap to hanger on our first Volume In California team trip to entertain your eyeballs. Photo by Joey Cobbs.

Broc Rides Dirt?

Brian | 12.23.13


I usually don’t put up Instagram posts before a blog post but since our Insta of Broc doing this big no-handed 3 got so much love on Instagram, I thought I’d put up the full non-cropped pic of it on our blog too.  Click image to go big.

ReRe-Up: Bermuda Frame Promo.

Mastroni | 12.19.13

Volume Bikes: Bermuda Frame Promo. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

I know I’ve probably re-posted this before…most likely in the weeks following it’s release, but I just listened to this song again on my flight back east for Christmas and it reminded me of this promo. Yeah, whoever made this is probably a pretty cool guy. Check out Raban, Broc, and Drew killing it then (shameless store plug) PICK ONE UP HERE!

Broc’s Facebook Fan Page.

Mastroni | 12.15.13

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 7.34.37 PM
Facebook huh? Yeah we realize it’s not quite as popular as Instagram or any of the newest social media outlets these days. I mean really, Facebook stopped being cool when your grandparents got it right? But it’s because of Facebook’s massive popularity that people kind of sleep on it, especially professional “athletes” like Broc. In actuality Facebook is kind of like your online drivers license, you really can’t do much without it. So, if you feel like being a nice guy, hit our man Broc with a like and stay tuned to his page for tons of riding content on the reg.

Broc @ OSS Retail Store In La.

Mastroni | 12.11.13

In case you weren’t already aware, OSS now has retail store in Downtown LA. Adam’s new home base now serves as a place for everyone to go and hang out, get medicated, gossip about pretending to know famous rappers, compare naked pictures of their friends, and ofcourse shoot BMX videos…here Broc does just that. In between very dramatically picking out new tee shirts and exiting the store in 1000fps, he manages to get some actual riding clips in there too. Good work boys…you know I’m just playin.

Broc’s Ecuadorian Adventure Pt 2: The Riding.

Mastroni | 12.2.13

Well shit this is just the day of Broc isn’t it? Broc and Odyssey teammate Hoang Tran kill it in the streets of Ecuador. As any pro rider will tell you, it isn’t always easy to find good spots to ride when you’re on a trip in a foreign country. In this case however, it sure looks like they didn’t have too much trouble at all. Give this a watch or ten, and if you missed it, check out part 1 here.

Broc @ The Bakery: Secret Recipe Practice Video.

Mastroni | 12.2.13

Broc never ceases to blow my damn mind. At the young age of 19 he’s really been coming into his own lately, and pretty much defying physics with his crazy grind combos. Keep in mind this is just the practice…I foresee great things happening for the rest of this contest from Broc and everyone involved. Shout out to The Bakery, & stay tuned for more Secret Recipe coverage.