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Broc is Bananas

Brian | 01.8.16

Everyone that’s seen Broc’s part in the Finer Things knows that his WHOLE PART is a chalk full of insanity.  RIDEbmx just gave Broc the nod for his pegs hard 540 for ‘Top Tricks Of 2015.’ Check out his part again and again to see how insane it really is.

“BROC RAIFORD – PEGS HARD 540: With pegs hard 360’s becoming more and more of a norm these days, BMX has eagerly been awaiting the advent of the pegs hard 540, and this year Broc Raiford delivered it to us in his Volume “The Finer Things” section. Using the street box jump aka an up-rail, Broc crushed one hell of an NBD. But the only question on my mind now is, who’s going to toss the first hard 540 bar? 6:40” – RIDEbmx

Ride BMX “Out of the Box” – Broc Raiford

Kevin | 01.5.16

A full minute and twenty-eight seconds of absolute Broc-ery. RIDEbmx just dropped their “Out of the Box” highlight video of Broc Raiford’s signature Volume complete known simply as “The Broc Bike.” Broc pulls his own signature Volume model out, puts it together, and then goes on to put it through the paces. I can’t think of a better testament to a complete bike than having it’s rider, let alone Broc, shred on it. You can find Volume completes at any local Volume Bikes dealer or mail order.

Broc’s Update From Gatorville

Brian | 12.29.15

Broc’s been visitant family back home in Louisiana for the holidays and has also been shredding with the crew.
“I’ve been out here in Louisiana spending time with my family and friends. Between dodging rain and getting non-riding errands done, I’ve managed to stack a few clips that will hopefully lead into being a sweet little edit to start off the year!”

Broc In the New Odyssey 30•15 Video

Brian | 12.13.15

In typical Broc Raiford fashion, he comes through with some powerful moves in the new Odyssey 30•15 video. The whole video is chalk full of insanity, don’t miss this one.
“2015 marks Odyssey’s 30 year anniversary, and to celebrate we put together 30•15 with sections from the entire Odyssey team. We’ve been filming for this thing the whole year and are stoked to finally get to share it with you.”

Broc Raiford’s Vessel Giveaway

Brian | 12.7.15

We always love doing giveaways this time of the year and made sure this one was easy enough for everyone.  We’re giving away a white/ black splatter Vessel frame for this months big contest.  Read below for the official rules.
1. Repost THIS photo on your personal Instagram
2. Hashtag #HolidayVesselGiveAway and tag @brocafloka and @volumebikes in the description
3. Must follow @brocafloka and @volumebikes
All are welcome to enter.  Contest starts now through Dec 28th.  We’ll announce the one lucky winner on Dec 29th.  Good luck!

RE UP: Broc’s Signature Series Part

Brian | 11.24.15

Think we could re up Broc’s signature series video part for the next year and still be amazed on how good it is. Plus, all his signature parts are all badass and fully endorsed by the man himself that can do all this crazy shit that we can’t even comprehend!
Click for more information on Broc’s Signature products: VESSEL FRAME | ANCHOR FORK | CAPTAIN BAR | NAUTICAL SEAT

Handplanting In Japan

Brian | 11.17.15

Always hate when photos get put aside to use for bigger projects (other than the web) then get put on the back burner vortex.  This is a classic case till I saw Joey (photographer that shot it) put it up on his Instagram.  This shot of Broc was during our big Motocross Int Japan tour with the Demolition guys a few years back.  Can’t believe that this spot is just chilling in a park too.  So good!  If you missed our Japan tour video the first time, check it out here>>  Click photo to go big!

Broc Raiford 2015 Signature Series Part!

Mastroni | 11.4.15

Broc Raiford follows up his mind blowing part in The Finer Things earlier this year with a brand new collection of fresh footy for you to cap off 2015. Enjoy!

Click for more information on Broc’s Signature products: VESSEL FRAME | ANCHOR FORK | CAPTAIN BAR | NAUTICAL SEAT

Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni
Additional Filming by Josh Clemens, Justin Koebele & Demarcus Paul
Music: Johnny Cash – “Rusty Cage”
*Those that can’t see it due to song rights on YouTube, please check it out here>>

Broc’s 2015 Signature Series Wallpaper

Brian | 11.3.15

Tomorrow is a big day for our man Broc Raiford and us. Broc’s 2015 Signature Series parts video is going to drop online that him and Mastroni have been working on for a bit. He’s stacked some heavy… heavy bangers that will make you watch again and again. I’ve already watched it a few times and can’t believe what I saw… Stay tuned tomorrow. Photo by J.Cobbs is of Broc getting a crank flip over a rail from bank to bank shot while filming for the video.

Captain Broc’s Signature Line

Brian | 10.16.15

Captain Broc Raiford and his Nautical themed parts have been with us for a bit now and with his new videos about each part about to be released we thought we’d put up a cool photo showing off his hard goods; Vessel frame, Captain bar, Nautical seats, and his Anchor fork.  Hit up your local Volume dealer to purchase the kit today!  Click image to go big!