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Settin’ the Bar….

Kevin | 07.15.14

Drew Barista Fire Spread

Drew HossBoss’s and Broc Raiford’s Barista and Bourbon Street bars are back in stock for the peak of summer. Yeh, we know, we’ve used this photo before, but how could we not throw it back up!? This is such a sick photo! I get stoked every time I see it!  Go cop some new bars are your local Volume retailer or favorite mailorder.

Broc Raiford Bourbon Street Signature Bar Promo.

Mastroni | 12.12.12

Back in September and fresh off our Tea & Biscuits UK Tour, Broc and I headed to Salt Lake City to hang out with Tate for a few days and stack some clips for this as well as Tate’s Drifter V2 promo. As you can see, Broc (or as most of the team now calls him, “Little Puppy”) really put his 18 year old puppy power to use obtaining a whole grip of footage on all the amazing spots SLC, & Pocatello Idaho had to offer. Check out Broc’s signature Bourbon Street Bars right here that we just got in stock!

Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni
Motion Graphics by: Justen Soule

Jeans Wilder – “It Was A Strange Time In My Life”
Jay Rock – “How We Grow Up”