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Catching Up With Drew Hoss.

Mastroni | 08.22.13

Oh damnnn, so this came out on August 15th…I have to admit I’m not the best at checking every BMX site sometimes and things slip thru the cracks….sorry Drew & Kanode! Anyway, our large headed buddy guy VX enthusiast Bobby Kanode spent a warm summer night with our favorite afro-headed dork Drew Hoss for this Ride BMX video. Keep up on what Drew has been up to, get your riding fix, why his hair is so out of control, some fun facts about Eric Bahlman, & much more. Bravo guys.

Mediocre At Best Trailer.

Mastroni | 05.21.13

Mediocre at Best Promo from Bobby Kanode on Vimeo.

Drew and Bahlman will both have sections in this full length Bobby Kanode project which is about a year or so in the making. Mediocre At Best will surely be a great representation of the Phoenix scene, and also will definitely feature a lot of creative filming & editing throughout…for the handful of video nerds like myself out there. Make some space in your collection for this one!

Drew Hoss Skatepark Quickie Edit.

Mastroni | 04.1.13

Volume Bikes: Drew Hosselton Skatepark Quickie. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

This was originally supposed to be for something else that didn’t end up happening, but regardless….me and Drew found ourselves at the skatepark one afternoon and this fun little edit is the result of roughly an hour session with some friends. If you are interested in that beautiful yellow splattery thing Drew is riding, head HURR.

Bro Safari & UFO – “2012”

Checking In With Drew Hoss & Eric Bahlman.

Mastroni | 11.28.12

Drew and Eric have been on the clock filming for Bobby Kanode‘s new full length Arizona video entitled “Mediocre At Best”. Everyone’s sections are starting to come together and the project should be all wrapped up by spring. Here’s Drew above with an up-ledge smith to bar by Erik Hilburn. Check out Bahlman and Kanode breaking the law below…