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New Enns Footage

Brian | 01.11.13

Never gets old watching Enns shred.  He’s always on the move to find new spots around town and get new tricks on em. In this new edit with his closest riding bud, Ryan “Biz” Jordan, they both throw down with some serious new moves I’ve never have seen from both of them.  Enough talk, get watchin’!

Stevie In Cali Update.

Mastroni | 08.14.12

Sunny summertime California has been treating us well as of late. Despite the latest wave of heat Stevie and I have been going hard everyday…dividing our time between riding the ramps out back, hanging with Enns, Biz, and Alfredo, all whilst going here, there & everywhere steady stacking footage for two separate street edits. Check out some riding snaps, spots, and other randomness from our past 4 or 5 days below.

Farewell old friend

Brian | 03.31.11

Our good friend and rider, Ryan “Biz” Jordan was offered a great opportunity recently from another company that he couldn’t pass up.  Everyone here at Volume is really sad to see Biz go but also happy for him and  wish him nothing but the best with his new sponsor. Biz is an awesome rider and better yet a good guy. He’s still apart of our family, with Demolition Parts. I just recently saw his Last Chance part and it turned out to be one of his better video parts to date. I don’t see Biz slowing down anytime soon. Click more for Biz’s write-up: more

BMX Plus Goes Digital

Brian | 02.7.11

That’s right, BMX Plus just went digital.  First one is free, be sure to check it out.  Above is BIZ hitting a double peg to a huge tuck gap out, over the second stage.  Stolen from their digital copy.  Thank you BMX Plus!

Biz In The House

Brian | 01.28.11

Mastroni and I live together in Long Beach with Adam22, Garrett Reeves, and Rich Hirsch. Yesterday Biz was in the house and Mastroni and I had him sign our posters. Check out the message he left us after the jump. more

Park Days

Brian | 01.14.11

A few of the dudes have been out doing some filming so we have been hitting a bunch of parks to get loose first. Check out some photo’s after the jump. more