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No Hands!

Brian | 01.12.15

Billy Perry with a big suicide no hander
Bill Perry’s very own staff photographer, Nick Jones sent over yet another rad set of photos to us and this suicide no hander gem was in the mix.  Doesn’t get any better than this!  Click image to go big>>

Whippin’ In Winter

Brian | 12.5.14

Billy Perry always comes through with some badass tricks/ photos for our wallpapers. This one shot by Nick Jones is a classic Billy photo for these reasons; New York Long Island winter photo, ED Gold bike is poppin, and Billy always has spots on lock that makes for an amazing photo.  Hit the photo to go big!

Billy Perry Rides It All

Brian | 10.14.14

Billy with a feeble hard 180. Photo by Anthony Panza
Billy just sent over these rad photos over of himself shredding up some street, dirt and ramp and also said he’s going to have a new street edit done soon for us to peep.  He’s going to his first Texas Toast this week to shred with the rest of the Volume bikes guys that are going out there.  Be sure to look out for him on future Toast edits, sure he’ll come through with some crazy action. Hit more to see the rest of his photos.  Photo by Jon Nemecek and Anthony Panza more

Monday Wallpaper

Brian | 06.23.14

Billy Perry and Photographer Zach Marin comin through once again on a rad photo.  They went out to Queens a couple weeks back to get this gap to wallride and a couple other rad shots that we’ll show later.  Be sure to check back for more Billy updates…  Click image to go BIG>>

Billy Perry Heat

Brian | 05.29.14

Billy hop hop whip

Zach Marin just sent this over and it just said “Billy Perry Heat” as the subject.  Billy has always been on fire but from what we hear, he’s been killing it lately harder than ever and should see some more from him very soon.  Check out this hop hop to whip of Billy, that was shot by Zach.  Click image to go big!

New Bill Perry Wallpapers

Brian | 01.30.14

Billy rail hop

Zach Marin just sent over these two killer pics of Billy Perry in NYC right before his trip to Cali a few weeks back.  Zach also said that they’re working on a bike check with his new Bermuda and a couple new edits.  Be on the lookout for those.  Click images to go big or right click to save to your desktop.  Click more to view the cool t-bog shot too!  more

Poster Dissection: Billy Perry

Brian | 10.6.13

Billy and friend
There’s so many good pics in our 2014 poster that I thought it would be a good idea to show off each individual one. First one is Billy Perry and his new best friend in Long Beach. This guy was so stoked on Billy doing tricks that he ripped a big ol’ air guitar every time he landed. Just doesn’t get any better than that.  Click image to go BIG.

Billy Perry TCU Video.

Mastroni | 09.3.13

Billy The Kid went hard during his visit out here and cooked this up with Francis Castro. Uprail to switch bar t-bog was my fav….Good work Billy! In case you missed it yesterday, check out another edit of Billy and our newest little shithead Matt Clark here.