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Daily Cruise With Billy Perry and Friends

Brian | 02.2.16

Another good NYC ride with Billy Perry and friends all around the city. He bumps into some security guards and people but still comes through with a slew of good footage.

“The first part of this video was filmed on New Years so Anthony Panza and myself decided to try and ride high security spots in Midtown, NYC with hopes that there wouldn’t be much security. We got lucky at some spots and other spots we dealt with the usual security and concerned citizens. The second part of the video was filmed a day before a huge blizzard was supposed to hit. It was around 20 degrees but we got in some last minute street riding before the snow came.
Filmed mostly on a GoPro 3+ with a Zhiyun Tech Rider-M gimbal.”

Billy’s Manhattan Cruise

Brian | 01.20.16

With Billy’s YouTube channel getting so much love these days and with his last NYC 3 ride reaching over 1 million views, he’s embraced rides through the city while filming it all.  Billy and crew recently hit up Manhattan for a day of riding through the streets and hit some spots along the way in his latest edit.

Riding outside in January is not usually an option, but it was 50 degrees without any snow on the ground so we crewed up and hit up Manhattan / Brooklyn for the day. Featuring BMX riders / FTL crew members Austin Mazur, Billy Perry, Dan Nelson, and Justin Koebele.
We took a train into Penn Station early and ended up riding some great spots in Midtown/Downtown, making a quarter pipe under a bridge, riding over the Brooklyn Bridge and riding a lit night spot. Filmed on GoPro with Zhiyun Tech Rider-M Gimbal.

Billy’s Rail To Bar Wallpaper

Brian | 01.18.16

Last month when Billy was out in SoCal to work on some “new projects” and visit family, I got a chance to finally shoot some photos of Billy too.  This is a spot that Mastroni had in his back pocket for a bit and took Billy and myself there for a nighttime shoot.  The champ that Billy is, he laced this rail ride to bars within minutes of getting there, amongst other things… Click image to go BIG.

Billy’s NYC Ride 3

Brian | 12.28.15

Watching Billy (and friends) ride through the city hitting stuff never gets old to me, it’s the essence of what street riding is. Especially in NYC. It’s chaos at its finest!
“Part 3 of the GoPro POV Bike riding in NYC series featuring BMX riders Billy Perry, Anthony Panza, and Nick Jones. Weaving through heavy traffic, skitching trucks/cabs, riding trucks, hitting spots, chased by security, and a scenic tour of NYC are a few things featured in this video!”

Billy Goes To Washington D.C.

Brian | 12.23.15

Hot damn, Billy Perry has been on fire lately!  He’s dropped a number of things this week already, and just dropped another video that he’s in with the FTL crew in Washington D.C. Billy has a slew of good lines in here that are straight fire, don’t sleep on this one.
“Over the summer we decided to gather the crew and road trip down to Washington, D.C. for 3 days in search of good spots and good times and we were definitely not disappointed. Featuring BMX riders, Austin Mazur, Billy Perry, Jason Stelter, Justin Koebele, and Zach Marin. Filmed and edited by Nick Jones! Thank you to Zach Marin for being an awesome host and spot tour guide. Check the full photo gallery shot by Zach on the site HERE

Billy Perry Long vs Fish Barspin

Brian | 12.21.15

The other day when Bill was in town, I took the guys to a few of my local spots and at one, Biz called out this cool barspin thread the needle for Billy to do.  Billy obliged to get in on it and was able to get a long and fisheye view for you to get a better idea of the spot and photo itself.  And yes, I suck at shooting barspins, my old ass is always either too early or too late, so thank you Billy for doing it multiple times for me.  Enjoy!

Volume 1 Photo Flipbook

Brian | 12.3.15

If you still haven’t seen our new VOLUME 1 video with Josh Clemens, Billy Perry and DeMarcus Paul, you NEED to check it out now HERE. If you still want more after 12 minutes of crazy action, you can now check out our photo gallery HERE. Huge thanks to Devin Feil for capturing the majority of these images during our Portland trip. Hope you guys like the photos as much as we do…

Volume 1 Teaser + Dig ‘What’s The Story’ Feature.

Mastroni | 11.18.15

Today we’re proud to officially introduce the first leg of our new Volume series video project, which is dropping on December 1st. Volume 1 will feature 3 full sections from the likes of DeMarcus Paul, Billy Perry, & Josh Clemens. We also have an article currently up on Dig with some more information on the project accompanied by some great photos from our travels by Devin Feil. Click here for that & Stay tuned for more and follow long with the project on Insta with #watchvolume1.

Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni

First Tries With Billy Perry & Friends

Brian | 11.2.15

Our man, Billy Perry, Anthony Panza and Jesse Romano see what clips they can do on the first try at a park in Long Island.
“I headed to Mastic Skatepark on Long Island for a chill session with Anthony Panza and we met up with fellow friend and bmx rider Jesse Romano. We ended up filming a good amount of clips first try which sparked the idea for this series.” – Billy