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Bike Check/ Interview: Alex Raban

Brian | 11.25.13

I’ve been wanting to do a Raban bike check for awhile now since his bikes always look so amazing.  Alex’s bikes are always bedazzled out whether it be gold or coppered out.  And just like his personality, there’s always a hint of originality and a bit of flavor.  Check out his bike after you click the top picture and you can also read what he’s been up to.  more

Zach Krejmas On Volume.

Mastroni | 10.14.13

Today we’re very proud to announce our newest recruit Zach Krejmas to the fam. I was trying to explain Zach’s riding to someone the other day and I used the example of the clip at .35 in his OSS Video. A lot of people would ride down an alley and just breeze right by this tiny pole jam that is virtually too small to ride. Krejmas on the other hand sees a wealth of possibilities with every hump, bump, and crack in the sidewalk, and his riding is all about the spot to the fullest. To me, that’s the definition of street riding. Check out some more photos of his new raw Bermuda with chrome Hatchets and Bourbon Bars below…team page and all that coming soon…. more

Game of Bike: Billy Perry vs Jake Layton

Brian | 04.9.13

Billy Perry and and fellow gold Bermuda shredder, Jake Layton throw down some heavy moves in a fun game of BIKE at the Huntington park.
“Filmed a few “Game of Bike” videos at Huntington Skatepark that will be dropping every few days. This one features myself and Jake Layton. Subscribe to my channel for more videos like this. Likes and comments are appreciated as well, also If you have any suggestions for different types of videos we should make mention it in the comments!” – Billy Perry
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Broc Hop Contest Update

Brian | 11.30.12

Our Instagram contest to win Broc’s bike is still going strong with 500+ entries so far.  I saw the other day that you guys have some huge hops and that this thing is going to be insane to judge.  Keep em’ coming and we’ll put up our favorites next week.  Don’t forget to hashtag #brochopcontest as well as tagging @volumebikes, @brocafloka and @odysseybmx in your Instagram post.  Above is Mike Jonas getting his hop steez on at our last STFBMX jam.  Contest is over Dec 15th. Good luck!

Matty Long Midship Edit.

Mastroni | 08.2.12

Volume Bikes: Matty Long Midship Frame Edit. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

And here we are, Matty Long’s Signature Midship Frame Edit shot on our Arizona trip, my recent stay with him in the Boston area, as well as Connecticut and Western Massachusetts too. I’ve known Matty for many years and it was really rad to work with him on this project, plus just seeing him have the opportunity to get a signature frame is really cool. Matty went pretty hard, especially for having such a short amount of time to film, plus he does quite a few things in here that definitely stray outside of his normal realm. Give her a watch and show him some love in the comments why don’t ya? For more info on the Midship visit the frame page.

Tate’s New Ride.

Mastroni | 07.4.12

In the spirit of Independence Day Tate decided to paint his new Drifter 2.0……green? Well at least I know that is actually how Tate will spending his 4th of July…so it makes perfect sense. More details on the new Drifter later, but for now you can check out an amazing accidental snap of TR’s dog Charlie stepping in front of the lens below. Big thanks to Austin Boyd for the photos.

Alex Raban’s New Whip & Mini Update.

Mastroni | 06.11.12

Alex Raban sent over some pictures of his new Volume kit and a little update from the road on the current ODI Mexico trip.

“We have not made it to Mexico yet, due to Larry losing his ID lol. So, we decided to take our trip up to the mountains instead. So far it’s been an awesome time and I’m really looking forward to the week ahead. We’re hopefully going to make it across the boarder this week if his ID comes in time…”

So, just to clarify, i guess this blog post also doubles as Alex’s unofficial welcome to Volume announcement…(did i just say that out loud?!?) Alex is my favorite rider, your favorite rider’s favorite rider, and probably the best all around guy you will ever meet…so needless to say, we are very proud to have him involved with Volume! We will post more regarding Alex very soon….but for now, check out some photos of his shiny new Mystery Machine after the jump.