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Setups: Mike Mastroni’s Cerberus

Brian | 12.31.13

Being an “artsy” guy like Mike usually leaves him to have the most interesting looking bikes with custom paints and splatter effects.  This time, he chose to leave his frame color as-is… for now.  The army-green was a sample color we’ve had for Jason Enns’ Cerberus that grew on Mike over time. We also interviewed Mike to see what he’s been up to, what’s up with the Volume DVD, and everything else in-between. Click the top image to see all the goods on his new ride and to read the interview. Click all images to go BIG. more

Lazar’s Bermuda Bike Check

Brian | 12.17.13

RIDEbmx just put up a full bike check of our Canadian ripper Andrew Lazaruk .  He’s now back in Riverside, CA and riding as much as possible all over the SoCal area after escaping the harsh Canadian winter.  Check out his bike check HERE.
“Do people usually ask you about the paint job? Still pretty unique even after being out for a bit.
Ya a lot! Everyone assumes it’s some custom job not a production color way. Definitely the most asked about bike I’ve had.”

Bike Check/ Interview: Alex Raban

Brian | 11.25.13

I’ve been wanting to do a Raban bike check for awhile now since his bikes always look so amazing.  Alex’s bikes are always bedazzled out whether it be gold or coppered out.  And just like his personality, there’s always a hint of originality and a bit of flavor.  Check out his bike after you click the top picture and you can also read what he’s been up to.  more

Jason Enns’ Cerberus Bike Check

Brian | 09.6.13

Going on 14 years of being pro and 5 (Destroyer, Death Wish, Ends and Destroyer Reissue)  signature frames for Volume Bikes, Jason Enns paid his dues 10 fold.  The man has seen every trend come and go in riding, bikes, and anything else in bmx.  Jason is one rider that has progressed more than ever over the years and his bikes have always progressed right along with him.  His 4th signature frame, called the Cerberus will be coming out the end of this month and really wanted to show it all off with a proper bike check and questions. Be sure to check out all of the Cerberus’ specs HERE. All pics by Joey Cobbs more