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Long Weekend Warriors.

Mastroni | 03.27.13

Since nobody involved here actually has a traditional job, Alex Platt and I decided to make up our own long ‘weekend’ by starting on Saturday night with a 4 hour trek up to Alex Raban-ville in the California’s central coast to hang out with Verve Energy spokesman Victor Galindo, and of course Chef Chachi himself. This handsome no-eyebrow’d human above was not involved in our trip, but literally every time we go up there we see him standing on a corner reading passages from the bible at traffic, or perhaps examining tree bark and taking notes. Also, Raban may or may not be friends with this lunatic. Now, on to the good stuff… more

Welcome Matt Clark!

Mastroni | 03.25.13

clark bike check-1

We’d like to proudly introduce this guy to the Volume fam! Hailing from western Massachusetts and growing up riding with the likes of Alex Platt, Jake Seeley and the rest of the Garden crew, Matt is a good friend of mine from back home and a very talented stylish young whipper snapper. With all that being said, Matt is also a sarcastic little punk and no doubt fit in with us perfectly. Welcome to the crew bud! Check out another photo of his new Bermuda build after the jump… more

Raban & Victor ‘Stay Tru Street Poetry’ Edit.

Mastroni | 03.21.13

Stay Tru Street Poetry from Alex Raban on Vimeo.

Awesome edit Alex Raban put together featuring footage of him, Victor Galindo, Conor Caron, and all their central coast homies. I’m not sure what’s better about Victor’s last clip, the massive barspin or Raban’s reaction…amazing! Alex has been off the horse for a minute with some knee complications, but he still managed to get a clip on his new gold Bermuda…damn that thing looks good!

The Bermuda Frame Promo!

Mastroni | 02.28.13

Volume Bikes: Bermuda Frame Promo. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

At long last our favorite new fame is finally available to you! You see the Gold, you see the splatter, yellow diamonds shinin‘, you see Raban, Drew and Broc. Well what are you waiting for?…Go out and get yourself some triangle.

The Bermuda frame is a collective collaboration for our team riders, designed with input from each rider on the team. The first 3 colorways are for Volume pro riders, Broc Raiford, Alex Raban and Drew Hosselton. Featuring all new investment casted 7mm drop outs with an integrated chain adjuster and clearance for pegs and hubguards even when wheel is completely slammed. Chainstay wishbone and removable seatstay brake mounts. Also features a double butted front triangle with top and bottom gussets for added strength. The Bermuda is available in Flat Black, E.D. Chrome Gold, Raw, & Flat Yellow/Black Splatter. For specs & more information GO HERE.

Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni

Motion Graphics by Justen Soule

Music: Young Wolf Hatchlings & Thomas D’Arcy – “You Lovely You”

Broc’s New Whip

Brian | 09.27.12

A lot of you guys already saw our new Bermuda frame at Interbike and the sneak peeks on the blog but haven’t shown off one built up yet.  Broc finally got his built up the other day with all his new Odyssey parts and is absolutely loving it.  We got quite a bit of requests on the frame already but it won’t be available till beginning of next year.  Stay tuned for more info soon.  Click more to see more.   more

Drew Hosselton Bermuda Frame Update.

Mastroni | 09.23.12

Drew just sent over a photo of our new Bermuda frame in his signature cosmic yellow splatter colorway, as well as a riding photo via Instagram ( Follow us @volumebikes !!!) of it in action. Heres a 270 to switch smith out of the bank adjacent to Bobby Kanode’s giant head. Check out the full photo as well as a sneak peak at Drew’s colorway below.