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Alex Platt Bike Check.

Mastroni | 05.14.15

Platt is just starting to get back on the horse again after a long road to recovery since the fall in his DVD section. He just built up a fresh new Bermuda frame in Demarcus’ olive green, along with some new Volume sample stuff, Demolition products, and more. Here’s an up close and personal look at the green machine that likeley will see many a gap to rail in it’s future….. more

The Warehouse Hustle

Brian | 12.9.14

That’s right, all our frame colors (Vessel Pictured, Bermuda and Cerberus) and new Vader tires just arrived here at our SoCal warehouse and are all updated on the frame pages as we speak.  Your local Volume dealer will get them 3-5 days thereafter, depending where you are in the country (west coast/ east coast).  Get at em and get as stoked as Broc in this photo!

ReRe-Up: Bermuda Frame Promo.

Mastroni | 12.19.13

Volume Bikes: Bermuda Frame Promo. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

I know I’ve probably re-posted this before…most likely in the weeks following it’s release, but I just listened to this song again on my flight back east for Christmas and it reminded me of this promo. Yeah, whoever made this is probably a pretty cool guy. Check out Raban, Broc, and Drew killing it then (shameless store plug) PICK ONE UP HERE!

Lazar’s Bermuda Bike Check

Brian | 12.17.13

RIDEbmx just put up a full bike check of our Canadian ripper Andrew Lazaruk .  He’s now back in Riverside, CA and riding as much as possible all over the SoCal area after escaping the harsh Canadian winter.  Check out his bike check HERE.
“Do people usually ask you about the paint job? Still pretty unique even after being out for a bit.
Ya a lot! Everyone assumes it’s some custom job not a production color way. Definitely the most asked about bike I’ve had.”

Bike Check/ Interview: Alex Raban

Brian | 11.25.13

I’ve been wanting to do a Raban bike check for awhile now since his bikes always look so amazing.  Alex’s bikes are always bedazzled out whether it be gold or coppered out.  And just like his personality, there’s always a hint of originality and a bit of flavor.  Check out his bike after you click the top picture and you can also read what he’s been up to.  more

Zach Krejmas On Volume.

Mastroni | 10.14.13

Today we’re very proud to announce our newest recruit Zach Krejmas to the fam. I was trying to explain Zach’s riding to someone the other day and I used the example of the clip at .35 in his OSS Video. A lot of people would ride down an alley and just breeze right by this tiny pole jam that is virtually too small to ride. Krejmas on the other hand sees a wealth of possibilities with every hump, bump, and crack in the sidewalk, and his riding is all about the spot to the fullest. To me, that’s the definition of street riding. Check out some more photos of his new raw Bermuda with chrome Hatchets and Bourbon Bars below…team page and all that coming soon…. more

Chachi Poses With His Best Friend

Brian | 07.3.13


alex-bermuda-goldWhenever Alex Raban rolls through the office, he’s usually smiling and laughing at something, which usually means that I’m laughing and smiling too.  Lets just say it’s never a dull moment with him around.  I had him pose with some of the new products and somehow came out with this one, that I just had to share asap.  Click to go big!

Israel Green & Kings Ride Shop

Kevin | 06.7.13

While hippies were doing hippie things at Coachella Music Festival, the guys at Kings Ride Shop took advantage of the emptied streets for a shop edit. Make sure you take notice of icepick extraordinaire, Israel Green (@israelg17). Israel’s an up-and-comer on King’s shop team that we recently started helping out through the shop. If you want to get a closer look at the sleek raw Bermuda frame he’s riding, then hit the jump…after you’ve watched the edit….


Eric Bahlman Bike Check

Brian | 04.12.13

Shadow just put up a bike check with Eric Bahlman. Eric recently built up a custom painted, Arizona inspired, turquoise 21″ Bermuda frame with copper colored parts. This thing looks rad! Eric is on the road right now for a Texas trip with the some of the Volume team, check out updates from the road by following @volumebikes, @ericbahlman, and #volumeintexas on instagram. To view the full bike check, click HERE.

Mini Updates From The Road: Alex Platt In The Central Coast.

Mastroni | 04.8.13


With our big San Antonio trip about to kick off this week, (and because I can’t just not hang out with Alex Raban) Platt and I really wanted to try to wrap up this welcome video and felt that another trip up to Rabanville was in order. Aaron Smith is also along for the ride to work on an upcoming Demolition edit as well as everyone’s favorite internet loud mouth Adam Grandmaison, who also happened to take this here iPhone snap of Alex putting in work yesterday right out of the van… more

Drew Hoss Skatepark Quickie Edit.

Mastroni | 04.1.13

Volume Bikes: Drew Hosselton Skatepark Quickie. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

This was originally supposed to be for something else that didn’t end up happening, but regardless….me and Drew found ourselves at the skatepark one afternoon and this fun little edit is the result of roughly an hour session with some friends. If you are interested in that beautiful yellow splattery thing Drew is riding, head HURR.

Bro Safari & UFO – “2012”