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Erik Orgo OnWheels Through Barcelona

Brian | 11.24.14

OnWheels, our distributor in Estonia, recently took a quick trip over to Spain to escape the cold weather at home. They spent two weeks riding, filming, and partying in Barcelona with 5 riders, including our international rider Erik Orgo. Check out some rad photos of Erik and a full story about the trip after the jump and also keep an eye out for the edit dropping next month.


Bahlman’s Update From Barcelona

Brian | 09.3.14

Eric just recently went on a Barcelona trip and got to ride some amazing spots and play tourist for a bit, read below to see what he’s been up to:

I found one riding photo from my Barcelona trip. It’s not the best quality so I hope that’ll work for the update. It’s a hop bar in front of the Arc de Triomf.
“What’s up guys! The summer has been pretty hot out here in AZ but that hasn’t stopped me from riding. To escape the heat I’ve tried to travel a bunch. First, I headed out to Cali with Drew Hoss in July. We meet up with Mastroni to film for the upcoming Volume DVD “The Finer Things”. Stoked because it was a pretty productive trip for the whole crew. Can’t wait to see it when it comes out later this year!!
At the beginning of August I headed out to Barcelona for two weeks for a little summer vacation. I met up with Simone Barraco and Shadow TM Chadwick to hang out, shred and film for the Shadow DVD. Barcelona was amazing as always, so many good spots out there!
I also just found my old Hi-8 camcorder from back in the day so I bought a new fisheye lens for it and a filming handle. Be on the look out for an edit I’m working on with some local AZ shredders!
Well the next stop for me is Interbike in Vegas next week then Texas Toast/ Nora Cup in Austin October. Hope to see all you guys out there, Ciao!!” – Eric Bahlman

Poster Dissection: Mike Jonas

Brian | 10.25.13


With the Markit DVD now out and already blowing minds I figured it was a good time to get this cool pic of Mike out there.  Mike’s part in Markit Zero is absolutely insane and if you like crazy action and nollie tricks, you definitely don’t want to miss his part.  Shoe-bubaca above is from the last Markit filming trip in Barcelona. Click pic to go BIG.  Pic by J.Cobbs

Spanish Rider, Vicente Candel’s Welcome Edit

Brian | 01.15.13

Spanish powerhouse and new Volume rider from Spain, Vicente Candel took a special week long trip with filmer/ rider, Javi Benito to the land of endless spots and hot women, which is none other than Barcelona. His speed and flow in this edit is endless, plus there’s some bangers that surprised us all. Thanks again to Javi for making the edit and Vicente for killing it as always. Get watchin’!
Filmed & Edited by Javi Benito

Drew Hosselton’s Hunt Leftovers Demolition Edit.

Mastroni | 10.10.12

Demolition Parts: Drew Hosselton’s Hunt Leftovers from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

During his stay in Barcelona (and on home turf in Arizona) Drew managed to clock enough footy to cap off his Hunt section and still have some to play with for a Demolition edit. Feast your eyes on some VX nuggets of Drew being Drew half way around the world. FIlmed by Bobby Kanode & BIll Brown, Edited by Bill Brown.

Drew Hosselton Barcelona Update.

Mastroni | 07.21.12

Got this little update from in from Drew who is currently backpacking around Europe with his friends riding, exploring, and from the sound of it, having a great time. Here’s a curved wallride feeble in Barcelona, a couple words from Drew, and a couple more photos after the jump.

“Spent the past few days in Barcelona, and it really is all its cracked up to be. Lots of good riding, food, babes galore, and a super laid back vibe. Definitely the best city on earth.”