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Broc & Bahlman Black Hole Clips.

Mastroni | 05.11.14

Ride is doing this new little web series called “The Black Hole” with what seems like a bunch of random DLSR clips and/or other web clips that wouldn’t really otherwise have a home. Seeing some of the top pros just messing around having fun sessions is dope, I’m into it. Here’s one with Bahlman and Broc in the mix.

How-To Be Like Bahlman…

Kevin | 05.24.13

Shortly after Boss Hosselton got us into tailwhip footplants, our very own Eric “Bahlume” Bahlman shows the ins and outs of a backwards grind-to-indian in this week’s RideBMX “How-To.” If you’ve ever just wanted to learn how to backwards grind, let alone indian out, then you should watch this. Eric is a backwards super magician and very thorough in breaking this one down.  So, go watch it then go do it.

Raban, Bahlman & Platt In BMXFU 4/20 Jam Vid

Mastroni | 04.25.13

This is so incredibly ridiculous. Alex Rabong, Eric Bong-man, and Fat Sack Platt get some shine in this awesome and over-the-top video by Charlie Crulmish of from the 4/20 Jam in Austin this past weekend. The whole team was actually on hand, but as expected most of them were too busy celebrating to get clips. Buncha damn slackers if you ask me…