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Lazar’s Bermuda Bike Check

Brian | 12.17.13

RIDEbmx just put up a full bike check of our Canadian ripper Andrew Lazaruk .  He’s now back in Riverside, CA and riding as much as possible all over the SoCal area after escaping the harsh Canadian winter.  Check out his bike check HERE.
“Do people usually ask you about the paint job? Still pretty unique even after being out for a bit.
Ya a lot! Everyone assumes it’s some custom job not a production color way. Definitely the most asked about bike I’ve had.”

Back to Cali with Lazaruk

Brian | 11.15.13


Canadian rider, Andrew Lazaruk is headed back to SoCal after spending some time back home in Vancouver and sent over this update: “I’m just on my way down to California again for the winter. Stopped in Seattle for the day yesterday, rode, and shot a couple photos with Tony Archibeque again. Talk to you soon!” – Andrew Lazaruk

Andrew Lazaruk’s Neck Breaking Wallpaper

Brian | 07.21.13

There are very few pictures that I can look at on how rad they really are. This one being no exception for these reasons alone: It’s an awesome invert! The park looks amazing, the colors make it look like an awesome day and makes for a cool picture, and the number one thing for me is where Lazar’s head is. I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen someone’s head in that position in an invert. His whole cheek is touching the crossbar. So f-n good! Huge thanks to Tony Archibeque for the picture. Click image to go BIG or right click to save to your desktop.