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Alfredo Moves On

Brian | 09.8.12

Alfredo has been with the company for some time now and we can’t thank him enough for repping Volume for all the years he has.  Always makes me sad to let any rider go after all the years of being with us but all good things come to an end.  Alfredo is a good guy on and off the bike and I’m sure it’s not the last you’ll be seeing him.  Everyone at Volume wishes Alfredo nothing but the best in whatever his future holds.

Alf Wallride

Brian | 08.31.12

This spot has been around for awhile now and anyone that goes there knows how hard it is to actually ride.  The bank is a story high and you have to haul balls to get any tricks done on it.  If you eat crap, the rocks and concrete will eat you alive.  Alf puts it all on the line with this one.

Alf’s Fives

Brian | 05.7.12

Alf coming in hot already this week. Alfredo has up his top fives courtesy of Alli Sports.
“Alfredo Mancuso rides his bike all over the place, but nothing compares to his east LA stomping grounds. Alfredo’s dream sponsor is pretty luxurious, toughest trick troubles him and surfers alike and if he was stranded on a desert island he wouldn’t take his girlfriend with him. Get to know Alfredo Mancuso in this My Five.”

Alfredo Rides the Lightning

Brian | 04.18.12

Devin Feil just sent over this cool pic of Alfredo gapping from the stairs to the back of the bench. Alfredo has been out of action for awhile and is now feeling better riding more and more street.  He also just started filming his exclusive Volume edit too and it should be amazing.  Be sure to check out Devin’s photo site HERE too.

Alfredo’s Back!

Brian | 01.6.12

Alfredo has been out of commission due to a bum knee for the most of 2011 and he’s just now getting back on his whip.  He now has a bionic knee and already has been shredding more than he should be.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of him very soon.  He’s itching to ride more than ever.  Welcome back buddy!  Check out more pics of the session after the jump.   more

[Contest Over] Cougar Bar Contest

Brian | 10.6.11

Alfredo is giving away a free pair of his Cougar bars this month.  All you have to do is send in a picture of yourself w/ a Cougar (keep it PG).  Please enter your pics on our Facebook page.  Alfredo will be judging on our page also.  Contest is only for Continental US residents.  Contest is over Oct 15th.  Good luck!
[UPDATE] To our surprise, our first entry slayed with a picture of himself with the ultimate cougar, Mrs. Courtney Cox.  When you have a TV show called, Cougar Town I don’t see how she could be beat.  Check out our Facebook page for the pic.