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Alex Raban’s “Time Mixtape”

Mastroni | 10.9.15

Raban has been out for quite a while now with a couple of broken ribs, an injury that occurred while filming for our new Volume video project. Before he got hurt however Alex was also busy filming all this stuff with his homies up in the Central Coast, which they just released thru Dig in the form of this mixtape. Hit play for a classic VX mix of street riding, space, and time from the mind of Alex Raban.

Alex Raban Hand Dyed VLM Seats

Brian | 10.1.15

If you don’t know Alex Raban, he is always up to something creative with all types of artistic mediums. He’s been painting on his bike seats for as long as I’ve known him, and recently he dyed a couple of our VLM brown synthetic leather seats for himself.  We liked em so much, we all thought it would be a cool idea to do a limited run. We gave Alex a few boxes of Tripod and Pivotal seats, and he hand dyed each one. Yes, not one is the same as the other. You can scoop one up on our ONLINE SHOP or at your favorite Volume dealer while supplies last. Act fast these will go quick!

The Finer Things: Alex Raban

Mastroni | 09.21.15

As is the case when any TFT sections drop online, today is a very exciting day in the life of Volume. We’ve previously done a DIG 48 hour only release with Raban’s section, but now it’s here on the web for you to enjoy forever. Ever since I met Alex he’s been nothing but smiles, so hopefully today he brings a smile to your face as well with some of the most progressive street riding & grind combos known to man. To us, his section embodies exactly what street riding is all about…enjoy!

Sunday Setup.

Mastroni | 06.1.15

This past weekend was a great one. While Raban was getting ready to handle a manly rail setup, DeMarcus grabbed the camera and observed his surroundings. From setting up various camera angles & flashes to making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, this is basically what you can catch us doing while a trick is going down. #watchvolume1

Alex Raban’s The Finer Things DVD Section Is Now Live For 48hrs

Mastroni | 05.8.15

Alex Raban’s The Finer Things section as well as our “Crunch Time” Article are NOW LIVE over on!! Drop what you’re doing and check it out!!

“DIG is proud to present Alex Raban’s section from Volume‘s ‘The Finer Things’ DVD. The very first of the DVD to see the light of day online, but get your views in now because Raban’s amazing part will be viewable for 48 hours and 48 hours only. A true master in the streets showing how it’s done. You can tell us if we are wrong, but I am betting you want to see the rest of this video now…”

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