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The Finer Things: A Finer Saturday With Platt, Broc, Krejmas, & Josh.

Mastroni | 12.21.14

Been pretty hyped on using a real camera that isn’t an iPhone and taking some blog photos. So, here’s a first hand look at what a typical Saturday out filming with us is like. We cut down a tree limb to mount a camera, made a lot of people cry on Instagram, filmed an amazing Platt clip, went on a few wild goose chases for potential spots, and ended up finding DeMarcus’ secret candy stash in a high school trash can. All in a days work right? CLICK IMAGE TO EXPAND GALLERY.

Alex Platt Hanger Wallpaper

Brian | 12.6.13


I know we already put up this switch hanger of Platt with our #ineedabikevolume giveaway post BUT we thought we’d give it some more shine time, cause it’s just that crazy for a couple different reasons.  One would be that it’s on our entry level complete bike that Alex never rode before this photoshoot and two being that it’s a f-n switch hanger on a legit/ steep rail.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Alex Platt is a maniac on a bike…. Maybe off it too?

Enns & Crew @ The Pool.

Mastroni | 10.24.13

The pool? Yeah actually Enns probably rides enough crazy pools all the time to write a book about it. This time however he brought Alex Platt, Vicente, and Myself along for the ride to check out a pool he’d been to once before with Rooftop in hopes of filming some stuff for his upcoming Cerberus frame promo (due out this coming week!) Here’s a crazy pocket air coupled with my extremely armature photography skills. More (better) photos below… more

Poster Dissection: Alex Platt

Brian | 10.10.13

All or nothing! Full speed, big gap to hanger in typical Alex Platt fashion. One of the craziest tricks in our poster and can just see how gnarly this pic really is. Bahlman holding onto the rope to make the rail not as shaky definitely adds to it all too.  Gotta love Platt!  Pic by Joey Cobbs.  Click pic to go BIG.

Re-Up: Alex Platt’s Welcome To Volume Video.

Mastroni | 09.30.13

Been feeling the re-up’s lately and this one is of course a deserving candidate. It’s my personal feeling that the internet is both a blessing and a curse. It spreads great content instantly, but at the same time has grossly over-saturated the BMX world with web videos and all the good shit gets lost in the sea if you don’t re-visit things one in a while. Anyway, Platt worked really hard for this video and it’s also pretty much the first real thing he’s filmed for since his OSS Football section a few years ago in Austin. Filming with Alex is always a wild ride, but the end results are always amazing. Enjoy.

Salt Lake To Idaho. #slc2idaho

Mastroni | 09.23.13


On the road again. This time we’ve rounded up the likes of Alex Raban, Broc Raiford, Alex Platt, Matt Cordova, and of course Tate Roskelley for a little visit to Lake City and two days up in Idaho Falls, ID…hence the 2…so clever I know. Our good buddy Devin Feil is along for the ride on the photo front, so this should be a great trip! Be sure to follow along with our travels on Instagram at #slc2idaho.

OSS Ruin Your Whole Summer Photo Gallery.

Mastroni | 08.16.13

raban gap to smith SLC

The Come Up just dropped an exclusive photo gallery from Ruin Your Whole Summer. Unless you live under a rock you’ll have already noticed there is quite a good amount of overlap between the Volume and OSS teams. That overlap includes some dope photos of Alex Platt, Myself, Tate Roskelley, and of course Alex Raban above with this insane gap to smith. All photos by Devin Feil.

Late Nights With Platt.

Mastroni | 07.23.13


Anyone who knows Alex knows that he is always modifying something, conceptualizing something to build around the house, and that his brain is just filled with tons of ideas constantly. We always give Alex a ton of shit with the whole “Project Platt” nickname, but lately Platt has immersed himself in a real life project of great importance. Only problem is, it hasn’t left him much time to ride in the past few weeks. However, ever the motivated individual, he decided he wanted to give something a go last night…and wouldn’t you know it after some time off the bike, he didn’t miss a beat. No matter how busy you are, stay on your grind kids.