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Broc’s New Anchor Fork Print Ad

Brian | 08.22.15

As you may or may not know, Broc Raiford is an absolute powerhouse and is a big boy that needs forks that can take the abuse of all the gnarly sh*t he dishes out on a daily basis.  He’s been testing his new Anchor forks throughout his The Finer Things part and as you can see through his section that they held up to some heavy bangers.  This new RIDEbmx print ad is of Broc doing a upright hard truck while filming for his section.  More info on the Anchor forks here>>. Click image to check out the full ad. 

Brocafloka With One Hell Of A DP

Brian | 06.9.14

Broc X Vessel new RIDEbmx ad
The Volume crew originally went down to the local ditch near the office to hang out and film a couple things, and later called me to shoot “a double peg that Broc wanted to try”.  Once I got down there and saw what he was eyeing up, I obviously was stoked to shoot one of the highest rail double peg grinds I’ll ever see.  I’m no double peg historian on who did it higher or anything but this has got to be up there.  Not only did he get it on the rail solid, he also went back over into the small bank seen in the third shot.  This Vessel frame ad was featured in the new RIDEbmx 200 issue, and looks even better in print!  Click image to view the whole ad.
>> iPhone Wallpaper: Hold down over the “THIS” link to open image in a new page, then save image to your camera roll.  more

Welcome To The Team DeMarcus Paul!

Mastroni | 04.14.14

DeMarcus' welcome ad
Well that didn’t take very long did it? The secret is out, DeMarcus has found a new home for himself here at Volume and we couldn’t be more hyped! In addition to being one of the most raw talented bike riders I’ve ever had the chance to work with, DeMarcus is one of the nicest dudes I’ve ever met as well. To say we look forward to the good times ahead with this guy would be an understatement. Here’s an insane 3 flat 4 flat 4 bar by Joey Cobbs to start things off right. Seriously this shit was easily like 4 parking spaces in length….so nuts. Welcome to the team bud!!

Broc’s ART Webzine #6 Ad

Brian | 03.17.14


New Vessel frame ad for ART BMX Webzine/ EZCO Distribution of Broc getting a solid ice down a steep 13 stair from our last Utah trip that Devin Feil shot.  Funny, we made this ad on a Thursday for ART’s ad deadline and saw it on TCU on Friday.  The power of the internet and the fast paced guys at ART making downtime a thing of the past.  Click image to view the whole ad.

Enns’ Cerberus Spread

Brian | 11.13.13


When J was first getting back in the swing of things (after his knee surgery) he made sure he caught up on all the promo for his new Cerberus frame.  Just like a true pro, he came through with a bunch of pics all in one day and we’ve been sitting on a couple solid ones till now.  This downside whip was something he’d been wanting to get out there for some time and we finally went back to reshoot it for your viewing pleasure.  Hope you like it as much as we do.  Oh yeah, buy Jason’s new Cerberus frame, you won’t be disappointed!

Enns’ Cerberus RIDE US Ad

Brian | 10.17.13

Enns' RIDEbmx Cerberus Ad

Coming back from a super gnarly knee injury, Jason has been on the fast track to a full recovery and even went on a recent Demolition Parts trip to Colorado. On the trip he was a a bit hesitant but in typical Enns fashion, he busted ass and got some footage and pics. This sick downside pic that was just featured in the hottest/ latest RIDEbmx was just one of the pics from the trip. His 5th signature frame, the Cerberus just dropped last week too. Be sure to check it out HERE. Click image to view the whole ad. Pic by J.Cobbs

Drew Hosselton’s RIDEbmx

Brian | 09.11.13

RIde US Volume Hatchet Ad

Not only does Drew have the cover of the new RIDEbmx issue 194, he also has an interview and a full page Volume ad for his new Hatchet forks.  If you haven’t gotten the mag yet, be sure to get it soon.  We got some major love in this issue!  If you also haven’t seen Drew’s latest edit for his Hatchet fork, be sure to get ready to laugh your ass off HERE.  Click image to view the full ad.

Drew’s DIG/ Hatchet Fork Ad

Brian | 08.31.13

Drew's Hatchet DIG ad

I think this has been Drew’s busiest years with Volume to date and it shows, the man has been on a mission with getting clips and traveling more than ever.  He’s one of the guys I like to shoot more and more.  Always comes through with something cool and on a crazy setup.  The above pic is no different too.  Drew’s all new Hatchet fork ad just made it’s way to DIG’s pages, click image to view the full ad.