Handplanting In Japan

Brian | 11.17.15

Always hate when photos get put aside to use for bigger projects (other than the web) then get put on the back burner vortex.  This is a classic case till I saw Joey (photographer that shot it) put it up on his Instagram.  This shot of Broc was during our big Motocross Int Japan tour with the Demolition guys a few years back.  Can’t believe that this spot is just chilling in a park too.  So good!  If you missed our Japan tour video the first time, check it out here>>  Click photo to go big!

An Afternoon With Josh Clemens And Friends

Brian | 11.13.15

I’ve been wanting to shoot photos of Josh for some time, and finally got a chance to get with him on a sunny 100º SoCal day.  We hit up a few of my local spots and like a true pro, Josh came through with some solid photos from the day.  Couldn’t be more stoked.  Click more to check out the full gallery of Josh and friends (Sean Sieling, and Killian McGuinness) from the day.  more

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Brian | 11.8.15

Drew just sent over some photos of himself riding an amazing looking mini halfpipe that was left out near some dam out in the middle of nowhere in AZ. Leave it to Drew to find em and do one last session on em before they were ruined by the man. Photos by Erik Hilburn. Click more to see one more and Drew’s writeup on em. more

Broc Raiford 2015 Signature Series Part!

Mastroni | 11.4.15

Broc Raiford follows up his mind blowing part in The Finer Things earlier this year with a brand new collection of fresh footy for you to cap off 2015. Enjoy!

Click for more information on Broc’s Signature products: VESSEL FRAME | ANCHOR FORK | CAPTAIN BAR | NAUTICAL SEAT

Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni
Additional Filming by Josh Clemens, Justin Koebele & Demarcus Paul
Music: Johnny Cash – “Rusty Cage”
*Those that can’t see it due to song rights on YouTube, please check it out here>>

Broc’s 2015 Signature Series Wallpaper

Brian | 11.3.15

Tomorrow is a big day for our man Broc Raiford and us. Broc’s 2015 Signature Series parts video is going to drop online that him and Mastroni have been working on for a bit. He’s stacked some heavy… heavy bangers that will make you watch again and again. I’ve already watched it a few times and can’t believe what I saw… Stay tuned tomorrow. Photo by J.Cobbs is of Broc getting a crank flip over a rail from bank to bank shot while filming for the video.

First Tries With Billy Perry & Friends

Brian | 11.2.15

Our man, Billy Perry, Anthony Panza and Jesse Romano see what clips they can do on the first try at a park in Long Island.
“I headed to Mastic Skatepark on Long Island for a chill session with Anthony Panza and we met up with fellow friend and bmx rider Jesse Romano. We ended up filming a good amount of clips first try which sparked the idea for this series.” – Billy

New VEX VLM Grips

Brian | 10.30.15

That’s right, our great feeling VLM team grips just got a better upgrade with the VEX rubber compound.  That means they’ll be that much more durable but also still remain the soft and comfortable grip that you’ve grown to like from the chevron design patterns.
Available in flange or non flange. Complete with VLM Nylon plugs
DIAMETER: 28.7 mm / LENGTH: 150 mm (non flange) 157 mm (Flange) / COLORS: White/ Black Splatter, Green/ Black Splatter & Black

Billy Perry Dirt Lines

Kevin | 10.27.15

Billy Perry made a fun and quick GoPro video of some dirt lines from his local trails for his clothing line FTL. In classic Billy Perry fashion, it’s very smooth and stylish. Check it out……And if you’re curious, those are the new Mad Dog Bars.

Josh’s Grate Turndown

Brian | 10.26.15

Always loved seeing photos from east coast riders that throw down a good session using what’s around them and especially ones off metal grates in the city that were propped up.  Josh and fellow 180 Dist sales representative, Sean Sieling threw down some moves while in SD and used a grate to its full potential. Photo by J.Cobbs. Click image to go BIG!

Broc’s Broc-Tober Hop

Brian | 10.24.15

Don't forget to get your entries in for the @volumebikes Instagram contest they have going on right now! Look below for details on how to enter and possibly WIN some FREE Volume product! 1. Most unique bunnyhop, judged on height/ creativity (wins a pair of @volumebikes Captain bars) 2. How many people you can fit on one bike (wins A @volumebikes Nautical seat) 3. Best video line (wins @volumebikes Anchor forks). The contest is currently going on and lasts through the end of OCTOBER. All entries MUST be through Instagram and MUST hashtag the following for your entry: Highest Hop – #broctoberhop Bike pile – #broctoberbikepile Best line – #broctoberline Open to all, so go have some fun with it, and good luck! | #bmx #ridaz #ridebmx

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